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Help - I5 BSOD / shut down after re-paste

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Apr 1, 2022
I have an i5 2500k on an Asrock P67 Pro3. I've been using it for 11 y at preset OC@ 4.4, no problems, Thermalright ultra 120 extreme cooler.

As soon as i repasted a week ago ( and then did 4x times it until i gave up re-pasting), the computer entered a frenzy of sutdown and the usual OC bsod whea and clock watchdogs, shut down while adjusting in bios even, let alone windows. I cannot pass any prime.

I've came to a compromise where i am at turbo V + 0.031 and an offset of -0.010. I can play dark souls 3, browse- up to 1080p video, 4k shuts the computer.
Trying to bypass turbo ( enable Per Core not all core allows disabling turbo) and setting a sane value of 1.35-1.375 for a 4.4 is hopeless, i POST but rarely.

As ususal, C1E on, rest of them disabled, vram at normal 1.5 , limits to 300 to be sure. Rest of them auto because it's 4.4 not 5.2 , right. And it worked flawlessly for so long even at 4.6, preset oc,days of rendering unpaused.

It suddenly is garbage, shuts down etc, just because i removed the iron from the cpu and repasted like, normally?

I've asked myself: ram? psu? mobo? tried another psu. tried 1/or another ram stick, reste the cmos, removed the battery, tried every idea i've read and i am capable of understanding.
Ok, have you tried the basics? Run it stock and see first. How many ram sticks? maybe one stick is going bonkers.

Gotta try the going back to stock first, then we start looking at issues one by one. What you're posting is a large scrambled egg.
yes, i tried it default @3.3 and had the same behavior- bsod+shut downs.

16GB= 2 sticks x Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600MHz CL8, tested them with memtest 1 h and were ok

psu: Antec EarthWatts 750W
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 OC WindForce 3X 2GB
no fans right now (only the cpu has an 120)- the mobo is on the desk - testing, repasting...
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Did you take the CPU out of the socket or adjust anything? Just cleaned the paste off and repasted? Check for paste on the pads/below the CPU... reseat all parts (GPU, RAM, etc).
I didnt take out the cpu.
The only bad thing i can think of is that i cleaned the surface of the mobo with iso after I vacuum cleaned it from 2-3 cm. Ram was removed during the operation.
You stated you vacuumed the mobo? How did you do this? Did you use a house hold vacuum cleaner? I hope this isn't the case because if you did, house hold vacuum cleaners create tons of static. You may have borked your board with vacuum cleaner static. Also I hope you let the mobo dry out thoroughly after using Isopropyl alcohol.

Thus is why it is suggested you use compressed air from a can to clean your mobo. A small air compressor works great too.
no, i vacuumed with my pinky keeping the vacuum touching the mobo, like 3-4 cm, so, from a distance. Iso was vey very little, ofc i 've let it dry, i use iso a lot for cleaning vape . I did not cause any static.

The mounting of the same HS is very different vs the adapter for a 4790k, it's plain stupid. Really, really stupid on p67.

What i thought it could be is the wires from the now old psu were "upset" from the moving, but i've tried a seasonic and it shuts down in bios, randomly, at stock, just as well. It's the same

From de 11 y 44x, default auto turbo, +0.055 offset, i can now only barely survive small tasks ( like dark souls 3) with 42x, turbo +0.031, offset -0.010 , the previous one, the old one, is a constant auto shut down in post, bios....it's like hell. fighting with it since a week now. this +.031 turbo -0.10 offet asks 1.36-1.37, the mobo gives 1.34-1.37. any prime fails. iddle 29-40C, 70W load 62C, anything that asks over 100-120W shuts it down, but i've seen it shut down at 52C - 62W load.

I tried the normal approach: ditch turbo, go with 1.35, but it a big no -no.

Played a night of elden ring on maximum, it was nasty at first, shut down, but then after cmos clear and set same values i could play. but it's the same temporary situation. It will shut down @ 100W + for sure.
So, just removing the HS and repasting fresh, mobo ded? I can play ds3, elden, sekiro, but no longer at the former settings . If it was fried wouldn't it just ...don't work at all?

Btw thanks so much for any help. It's a bad spot. Covid caused bad spot. Money are scarce. I've read a lot around, even complicated stuff, 5.2 ghz setups. I am OC inept. It is such an eazy cpu to just preset oc... not anymore cause one repaste...?
Some parts just die right off the bat. Others die slowly showing signs of malfunction. I've had boards & parts ( ram, cpu, hdd's and SSD's) do both.

I'm sure you can find another P67 board to replace it on the cheap.

On a side note: I just had to replace my car battery. I purchased my current car about 5 years ago with an Interstate battery. I have no idea how long the battery was with the car, but the battery had a 5 year warranty which doesn't transfer. During the past 6 months my car started having issues starting. During the extreme winter it would drag to start up. 1st warning. 2nd warning was I was parked infront of my son's school playing the radio for news for about 30 min. When I tried to start the car, it was dead. Just the faint "click click click". Tried to get a jump to no avail. Purchased a new battery and she fired right up super fast like new.

Electronics are fickle things.
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