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Help identifying manufacturer / overclocking Trident Z

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Apr 1, 2019
Hello there. Let me start with PC specs:
Msi X470 Gaming Plus Max
R5 3600 (stock clocks)
RTX 2070S Gaming X

And now to my problem. I just got myself new kit of 2x8GB 3200MHz CL16-18-18-38 G.Skill Trident Z Neo (F4-3200C16-8GTZN). Thaipon Burner says it's b-die and JEDEC SK-Hynix, but I'm actually concerned if that's right. My RAM overclocking skills are very limited to the stage of enabling XMP and that's all, btw. it works perfectly fine on XMP. So here I am, asking for your help, go easy on me.
I tried to use Memory Try It! from my MSI mobo and got to 3600MHz CL17 19-19-39 @1.424V Sadly it's stable in desktop but after 20ish minutes in Prime95 Large FFTs ends with FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.4981207434, expected less than 0.4. It didn't bother me as benchmark is far different stressful on memory than gaming, so I tried few games and no after few minutes BSOD happens.
After that I tried CL18, then fast check in Prime95 for around 20minutes and no errors, but from what I've seen that's no performance gain at all since it's basically the same as basic XMP.

My final try was with DRAM Calculator, both for Fast and Safe presets for 3600, but after copying all of those numbers from there, system didn't even boot and I had to reset CMOS.

So. Is it actually possible to OC that memory or I'm stuck with XMP preset? It's not like that few fps more matters but if it's possible to squeeze more juice out of them I'd love to. And if it's possible, where should I start, what should I watch and most important, how to approach it etc.

Try upping your SOC voltage and retest whatever settings were most stable for 3600Mhz. Upping the SOC voltage might boost stability for the IMC on the CPU.
That Memory Test It! thingy set soc at 1.084. What will be safe soc then? I don't want to damage it by accident. What about other questions? I've read that samsung b-die are very good for overclocking, and actually Im curious as my kit was way cheaper than lower CL one that was also listed on b-die finder (not sure how accurate that website was)
So I did try 1.1 but it was still 1.082, then I upped it to 1.125 and it was showing around 1.12 ish, both with same error. Now I had to set it to 1.1375 and it show 1.125-1.131. I assume it takes what it needs and not gonna stay on set value?

Let's say it's not gonna be stable all the way until 1.2 - I don't want to hit it tho. Should I raise dram voltage instead it's at 1.424.
Also i'm not sure if im looking at right sections in hwinfo. 123.png That's what Im looking at
Just change one voltage at a time and then test to make sure you can tell what is helping the most. To fine tune memory can take quiet a bit of time, especially if your CPU has a below average IMC. You will have to decide if the 1-2% performance increase is worth the extra work.
I doubt that increase worth it, just wanted to check how far I can go with OC.
So far increasing Vsoc worked just fine. That last change made Prime go to 672K and then crashed on third round. Before it was failing at 480K. Sadly games crashed after few minutes. Getting closer to 1.2 should probably make it more stable but I doubt it worth time for testing every change as it takes up to 1h and can end up with complete failure.
I'll give it a try later on tho, and eventually come back with more questions :D
Thank you for your time!