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help!!!!!!! im building a computer with a abit kt7a! i get no video!

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Apr 22, 2001
CA Bay Area
I just ordered new parts for a computer for me to assemble. im kinda a newbie so i dont know what is the problem. I put everything in the case and on the motherboard except the pci cards. when i boot nothing shows up on the moniter. only twice i got it to work but i had mixed up the ide cables so it didnt detect the hard drive so i had to turn in it off =(. no i have that corrected. i know its not a problem with the mobo because all the fans go on. its prolly not the processor or ram because the company (multiwave) tested the ram, mobo and cpu together. its not the graphics card because i have tried 2 different cards in it and its not the agp slot because the fan on one of the cards will turn on. its also not the moniter because i have tryed 2 different ones. its WILL turn on but i just get no video. help!
This is the exact problem I am having. Everything on the mobo turns on, drives are checked in order, HDs are spinning, all the fans on the mobo and graphics card are spinning, and I get nothing on the screen.

Also check your BIOS settings, that almost sounds like a bad overclock that you might have done by accident.
YahooDave has good point, with one flaw. You can't check the BIOS settings if you don't know what box is doing. Here's a little correctum: Read the mobos manual and find the jumper for clearing the CMOS. Do that and see if it helps.

I am also having the same problem
I just bough my new AMD 1.3 not overclocked along with my abit mobo and i put everything together but i get no video. Whats going on here?

It wasnt a overclocked CPU because i bought it brand new

Thanks for any advice
Another thought came to me... It is said that Hercules/Guillemot cards don't work with KT7A... Wouldn't swear on that, as I have a working combination. Try with a different card?