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Help in configuration of Linux ftp please!!

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Sep 30, 2002
Karachi, Pakistan
I am facing a problem here,

on ftp i want users to have only upload rights to the folder TEMP but i don't want them to delete anything from the folder

what i have done now is the TEMP directory have read write rights to the users but since they have WRITE they can delete it, i am totally new to linux (learning) and can't figure how to configure the ftp server properly

can someone please help me out here?


Feb 16, 2002
something with chmod im pretty sure, make an admin account on the ftp server, then login via ftp client and try to set the settings you want like that. "not sure if thatll work though".


Senior Member
Oct 31, 2001
What ftp server are you using? You can't effect those permissions with just chmod. You'd have to either do it in the ftp server's configuration, or set up ACLs on the filesystem you are serving from.