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Help inline cooling water mixture

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Mar 24, 2001
Ontario Canada
i have the system all together and decided on using alchol in it instead of anti-freeze but with that in it i can see ALOT of what looks like bubbles.or white foam sorta does it matter?
it looks kinda cool
wut kind of alcohol?

alcohol as in beer?
cause thats carbinated and that would be gas in your tubes.. which is not a good thing..

or if its not gas.. it would be air.. which would also not be a good thing
as in rubbing alcohol, those bubles could be alcohol gasses..
in a pure copper system, what is gonna cause the corosion?
Dude why not water and water wetter? It's so much easier LoL! I'm still on my original gallon of distilled water and first bottle of water wetter. Both bought in october of LAST YEAR LoL!
i wanna fill my w/c with vodka and have a 5 gallon res...

haha how well would alchol perform? i think it would depend on the type and the proof. because alchol is like flavored water with a proof (its actually wheat rice and yeast but theres water in there). who knows u could invest in testing different types and then go through the brands see what works the best...