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HELP - Installed Detonator 40.72 WHQL and now DVD Video does not span across

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Oct 7, 2002
Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Hey guys,

I've had the 30.82 Detonator drivers for a while now. Good and stable...except for the occasional screen anomalie on my desktop....nothing F5 won't fix.

Anyways, nVidia just released their WHQL Certified drivers for the detonator 40.72. Naturally I installed them.

Benchmarked my system using 3DMARK2001SE and got a score of ~ 9300 before (30.82) and ~9900 after (40.72),

So what's the problem?!?!?

I used to be able to maximize my DVD player to the entire size of both my monitors (running a dual monitor setup using geforce ti 4600 and 2x Dell P991), but now I can't.

The video only plays on one half of the screen. The other side is just BLACK.

I tried to adjust and tweak nView 2.0 (part of the 40.72 release), without sucess. I prefer not to go back to the 30.82.

Please any help would be great!



New Member
Dec 4, 2004
Me Too!

I have been searching for days about this same issue and this is the time I've seen someone with the same problem.

I have a G4MX440 that can span anything from Windows media player across two monitors in fullscreen mode using driver

I now have a Geforce FX5700le and cannot get the fullscreen mode to span correctly.(Half the video on one monitor while the other half is just blacked out on monitor 2) It sucks when you upgrade computer parts and somthing that worked flawlessly before does not work now because of the "upgrade".

I can't use the old drivers on the GeforceFX because they are old and do not work properly on this "newer"card. I tried and just get a garbled GUI. If it would have worked I would have kept them even though they are more than a year old.

Any help out ther for this one?