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help- kt7a raid ,hard drive question

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New Member
Mar 18, 2001
i just fired up my first build. kt7a raid - t bird 266c - 256mb ram - 2 ibm 45 gig hd's. the drives are on ide 3 and 4(raid) one drive on each, both master. both drives show up when the computer starts . in cmos setup under "integrated peripherals" ata100raid ide controller is enabled. when i used fdisk to make a partition it shows 2 seperate disks disk 1 and disk 2 each about 43975 mb . is fdisk showing these incorectly or have i missed something setting up thanks
IDE 3 and 4 are not in the CMOS they are in the Highpoint BIOS Hit Ctrl-h after CMOS and set up raid and boot drive and windows will see 1 disk otherwise with no Raid In Highpoint bios set Boot Drive there and you will see 2 disks in windows...CMOS controls IDE 1 and 2 Highpoint controls 3 and 4

of course setting up raid will destroy anything yoiu have installed on the disks and you will have to reinstall.....

hope this helps
I sounds like you have not built your raid array. First make sure that you have the highpoint drivers properly installed (page 5.1 in your manual) If you do they will show up in Device Manager under scsi controllers. Next you have to "build your array" by pressing <ctrl> <H> while booting your computer. This will take you into the bios of the highpoint raid controller that is built into the KT7A-raid motherboard. This can be found on page 4.2 of your manual. Follow instructions to build your raid. Only then can you partition and format your raid. IT WORKS MAN!!