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Help me build a good HTPC/Server

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Aug 8, 2016
I've been using a 2014 mac mini base model for some time now. It's served me well but a 1.4ghz dual core with 4Gb of memory is very limited and a 5400rpm hd is showing it's age. it's either spend $300ish upgrading or just build a new system and get rid of this one.

I'm going to be using this like a regular computer from my couch with the logitech k400 keyboard. I've been using it for years and it works great. The mac has been very good to me until frankly it just can't keep up anymore. I think when most think of HTPC they think of all these wild front ends and remote control setups etc. Maybe I just haven't ever really known how to use that stuff. I tried Kodi and even though I played with it I wasn't very impressed.

I don't expect to game on this system. I have a Razer Blade with the GTX 1060 for that. Love this thing. I want a system that I can read forums, the news, surf the internet from the couch from. In the old days that use to be the most basic model but now with chrome being like it is on the MAC two tabs use 2.5GB (no leaks either) which is bring that mini to a crawl. I also want the system to be good for file storage. I don't have a ton but wouldn't mind moving my pictures and what not to it. I'd like to set it up so that on my razer, ipad, iphone, I can access the photo section of the server and have those available. I'd also like to setup a dropbox style setup where important documents on my PC will sync.

Basically I want this to be a set and forget kind of thing that I won't have to worry about for a while. I can do all the file hosting, internet surfing, 4k content watching, music streaming, etc that I want and from one box that's silent and capable. I don't particularly care what it looks like. I'd like it to be black or gray and no lighting of any sort. A basic box is just fine so long as it can fit on a cabinet shelf.

Here is what I am currently thinking of.




Memory: 1 stick for now


HDD RAID: (I have an external enclosure with a 4TB seagate drive so was thinking of just getting a second of the same drive)



Disk Drive:

So overall you can see I'm trying to build a pretty future proof system. Something that will not have any issues bouncing around online or being used as a hosting machine. It's a little pricey though I wouldn't mind trying to bring that down. I'll admit I don't know much about modern setups. If there are better other options I'm all for it. I just wanted something I won't think about again for a while that can adjust to future changes like if I decide to add DVR function (I have homerunHD setup). But would love any help to be had.


- - - Updated - - -

On a side note I do see the new ryzen processors are about to come out. I didn't need the 1700 listed here i just liked the low 65watt TDP which would help make a silent case. Maybe i'll do more digging.
A couple of things.

1. The motherboard link is dead so I can't see which mATX AM4 board you've picked.

2. The GPU you picked is full height - this case only takes low profile so you'd need something like this MSI GTX 1050 Ti 4GB Low Profile Card .