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Help me choose a mid-high end graphics card for my Phenom II rig

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Well guys just a quick update the system is still intact and video card is performing like a champ. I've been getting into the need for speed games lately.
Despite the 360mm liquid cooling system, I'm running into some heat soak issues as of late. No air conditioning in my room so when the ambient temps are over 75* the system has a difficult time staying cool, despite all my efforts to improve case airflow and cooling efficiency. In trying to reduce heat I've lowered the CPU-NB to 2800Mhz @ 1.225v and reduced CPU core voltage to 1.356v, so far that has helped a little bit.

Can anyone recommend a good racing game from 2014-2018 era? NFS rivals has been great but its getting a little old.
Interesting, the OP has nothing to do with the topic of this thread lol??

---Possible game suggestions

Games my kids like ( I as well) SpinTires, Brick Rigs, Scrap Mechanic is pretty cool.... None of these require any special high end Gpu....

For comparison = COD BO4 ___ GTX 770 Med settings at best 30 fps. GTX 980 Max settings 60 fps.

--- Thread topic reply

Mid to high end..... current GPU or older GPU??? What is you be using now??

Mid to high end.... (low end) 2060, 2070(mid), 2080ti (high end)
Alternative 1060, 1070, 1080 =
Min sized GPU now maybe..... GTX 980 around a buck fifty on e-bay. Saw one now 120 +12 shipping by it now.
I liked forza horizon 4. Stunning graphics!



How do I thank my own post?
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Can anyone recommend a good racing game from 2014-2018 era? NFS rivals has been great but its getting a little old.

Have you tried Burnout: Paradise? Great game, if you like Rivals I think you'll love it. NFS Payback was good too if you want another NFS game.
I have acquired F1 2016 and im getting set up with that first, thx for the other suggests as well - space limitations are a major concern at this point

Read the start of the thread you'll see I chose the RX 580 as my new mid range video card I paid 166 shipped
Now Im just asking for recommendations on newer games to play

I've started with Forza 3 for now (install has ballooned to 64GB) . Not sure if my system has the capability to run Forza 4
And yes, that was a sick post you made - props for sharing

@Jeff G
I am acquiring Burnout Paradise as we speak. Really looking forward to this one seems to get high marks from reviewers.

I think Im going to take my 4 80GB SSDs and run them in JBOD mode because it really comes down to storage at this point.
NFS rivals was fun, I hacked the game to get 9,999,999 speed points so I upgraded all the cars to the max, and even then its hard to win some events.