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Help Me Choose A New Heatsink!

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Mar 2, 2001
After days of trying to sift through all the info about different heatsink configurations, I'm giving up--I need some help! Here's what I'm currently running:
Celeron 2 600@[email protected]
Abit Slotket!!!
Soyo 6BA+IV
Golden Orb
Radio Shack Thermal Paste

I'm currently idle @ ~24 celcius, maxing @~45 under normal workloads, up to 52 or so if I TRY to heat up the cpu.
I have yet to put on the cover to my system since getting it up, so I expect that when I do, temps will raise a bit more.
So, here are my questions; first, given those temperatures, do people think I need more cooling? I know this chip has a lot more in it, but I don't know if I can realistically get it any higher because my harddrive doesn't like pci bus speeds above 38mhz, but I would, of course, love more speed if it could be had.
If I SHOULD get better cooling, I have a couple of dillema's, first, using this Soyo board, I have minimal clearance to the DIMM slots (~2 3/4" from the cpu to the end of dimm 2). Soyo recommends filling DIMM number one when bus speeds are above 100mhz, anyone have any thoughts about that? If I can safely move the ram out farther, I can sacrifice at least one, maybe two dimm slots, as I doubt I will move much above the two 128mb dimm's I have now anytime soon.
I also have clearance problems towards the top of the slotket!!! The golden orb is currently coming in contact with my power supply, so I need something that does not protrude more than a cm or so above the top of the slotket. The golden orb is 69mm in diameter, so I need something no wider than that. A tall order, no doubt! I've been trying to figure out the dimensions of many of the popular coolers out there, but not having too much luck finding detailed diagrams, or at least ones that give me enough confidence to order something I can't return easily! If someone has any recommendations for me, it sure would be appreciated!
I guess what this long winded post boils down to is that I need something that doesn't protrude above the top of the slotket, that will block out no more than 2 dimm slots (and the fewer the better) and will give me substantially better cooling than I have now. All thoughts appreciated. Thanks!
Alpha PEP66, with the loudest fan you can stand.

The PEP66 is made specifically for Slocket configurations. I think the YS-Tech 27CFM fan is the best compromise between CFM and noise. Another option is to build an adapter and adapt an 80mm fan to the PEP66. Using a fandapter you can use a very quiet 40CFM Sunon 80mm fan, and have temps lower than with a loud arsed Delta38 60mm fan.

But if you really can't have it "Stick above the slocket" then a PAL6035 should do the trick without taking out too many Dimms. My PFH6035 only takes out 1 dimm on a slocket on my Slot1 MoBo.
I should clarify that when I say "top" of the slotket, I mean the side opposite the motherboard, as I have a side mounted power supply. Thanks!
Hmmmm...micro ATX case.

Well, I've got an PEP66 on my Celeron/slocket/6BA+III, so I can tell you with the case you have, the PEP won't fit. If you orient the fan so it blows straight at the cpu (or pulls straight off) you'll block all of the dimm slots.

The Alpha Pal's might fit.

Look into what GlobalWin has to offer, as well.

I got rid of the Gorb for the same reasons. Picked up a bit of speed in the process, too. I did lap the cpu and gorb, and the temps were a bit better, also used Arctic Silver thermal compound. Every bit helps. If nothing will fit, try to lap the Gorb as a last resort.

Mr B
Thanks for the suggestions. I agree that the PEP66 would most likely block all my dimm's, so I think I have it narrowed down to 2 well, 3 choices. The alpha pal6035, or the Globalwin fkp 38 or 32. It looks like they will all clear my power supply, and block out minimal dimm slots, so, any thoughts from the congregation on these three units? Thanks again!
Thanks for the help everybody, I talked to the guys at www.3dfxcool.com (thanks Tweak) and they recommended that given my needs and space constraints that I use the PHO setup that they sell. They didn't seem to think that anything else that they stocked would fit withing my tight constraints, and give me better cooling than the orb I have currently. I think I'm going to give it a try. They look like a really good company, they got an answer to my query out in less than 1/2 an hour! Thanks again for the help!