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help me choose a video card plz

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Jul 15, 2013
specs below
asus crosshair 7 hero X470
ryzen 3900x
4x 8 gig teamgroup 3733mhz ddr4 ram
1000 watt seasonic gold rated psu
evga GTX 550TI as a place holder
1tb sabrent rocket nvme drive
360mm cooler master aio
screen res currently 1080p since i got the monitor for 50$
the question im posing to the group is this:
do i go the cheaper rout and grab a 6700XT/6750XT or do i save up for say a 6800 or 6800XT currently have 480$ saved towards a gpu
im just afraid if i buy a 6750XT that it wont be enough because i like to max out my game settings below is my steam list so you get an idea on the games i play
three games not on the list are stray cyberpunk and eldenring


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The 6800xt can be found cheaper than the 3080. That would be the way I would go.

Unless you go used. Then maybe you can find a 3070Ti or 6900XT. Most likely will be a card from a miner.
What does this mean? What's the native res of your monitor/what res are you playing games on?

Regardless, get the best you can/want to afford. I'd go 6800XT/rtx 3080 for your goals for sure.
@EarthDog it means what it means lol my monitors native screen res is 1080p 1920x1080 paid 50$ for it