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Help me choose cooling solution for new system!

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Mar 12, 2002
So, I've decided to either go for :

1) The water cooling kit they have on FrozenCPU.com and stay with my old ATX case I've got


2) The Blizzard 360 case, also from FrozenCPU.com

Either one, I'd also be getting one of their nice bezel-mounted temperature gauges. (Dual display if I go with the case)

The basics of the new system I'm looking at is:

AMD XP 1900+ (probably one of the new T-breds)
256 DDR
GeForce 4 TI 4400
If I go with the case, a Thermalright AX-7 HSF

So, 2 things are giving me troube. I like the idea of going with the cooler case instead of the water cooling (better cooling for entire system). BUT, I live in Hawaii, and the shipping charge for a computer case is almost as much as the case itself. The case looks good though, because it will cool the CPU as well as the PCI/AGP area.

On that website though, plus shipping and extras, the two come out pretty close in total pricing. I plan to OC the FSB in this system, but that's it.

On an off-topic question, what kind of power supply will be enough to feed this system (both with watercooling, or the case)?

So, bottom line, which cooling solution looks better? (Keeping in mind, I have high ambient temps, averaging in the 30-33C range)


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
Just my opinion, but you are probably better off going with the case. You'll probably have it for a while, and it will be a little more conducive to upgrades, and should help more with your higher ambient temps. I would recommend a quality PSU, 300w but preferably higher. Look for an Antec or Enermax, most watts you can afford.


Mar 12, 2002
Hmm, yeah that's what I figured. I think with the setup I'm planning, I'll replace the Delta on the AX-7 with something quieter. With those two giant intakes and top mounted exhaust, I should be able to get decent temps with this thing :)

So I'll probably go with the case then. Plus, with that, I can get one of their dual(bezel mounted) temperature monitors, stick one on the CPU, one on either the GF4 or just for case temp (but I figure better to gauge another component, not the ambient temp).

I was thinking initially maybe a 350W power supply. That should be enough, right?

All I gotta do is wait till June when I've got saved enough to pay for this system, then it's all mine! :burn: