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Help me choose... SDRAM vs DDR

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Mar 6, 2002
Monroe, Georgia

I have been visiting this site for the last few months, and decided to go ahead and build a computer to overclock.

My motherboard is an ASUS A7A266 and it has the option of SDRAM or DDR ram. I currently have 256Mb SDRAM PC100, but I doubt I will get much stability out of that when I overclock.

So I am left with the decision of what ram will suit me the best for overclocking. All replies welcome.


Most motherboards that can use both ddr and sdr work best with sdr.

The problem is if you change your motherboard in the near future most all new amd boards will require ddr and you would have to change memory again.

I looked into the ASUS A7A266 and it is one of the few sdr/ddr boards that have the ddr slots on the cpu side instead of the sdr slots.

It should do better with ddr than sdr so I would suggest ddr.
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I would say that going to the DDR is a sure bet.....the new motherboards are almost all with DDR anyway. SDRAM is as costly as the DDR anyway.....
If you are building a system with the intention of overclocking you should definately use DDR. I dunno about stability at high fsb speeds vs sdram but it wont matter how fast you overclock your chip if your memory bandwidth sucks because you are using sdram. Your system overall would be slower than people with slower processors but with DDR ram.
If you are on a budget like I am just stay with the SDRAM. Shure you speed might be slower, but it is a heck af alot cheaper than buying new RAM. If you deecide to stay with the SDRAM just change the CAS latency to 3 instead of 2 and you should be fine.
Hi Tweak

Are you saying stay with my PC100 RAM? While I know that its performance is not even mid range, it would be interesting to see what I can get using it. I probably will play with the PC100 until I can scrape up the cash to buy new ram. $100 bills are hard to come by (especially when you've bought a new water cooling kit in the same month:p)
You said:

'My motherboard is an ASUS A7A266 and it has the option of SDRAM or DDR ram. '

You saying that board supports both DDR and sdram on the same board? I did not know such a board existed.

If not you spend the money on the sdram board and then in a month when you decide its too slow you gotta drop the money for a DDR mobo.

You can use SDRAM or DDR. The board supports up to 3Gig of SDRAM or 2GB of DDR. You can't use both types at the same time, but you can use one or the other.
The other day I saw a mobo with 4 EDO and 1 SDRAM socket that could supposedly run 512MB

Such boards are rare, sold when the new technology is expensive. Too bad you didn't switch when there was a surplus of DDR, because now it's gonna cost you twice as much.

PS the A7A was highly rated, better than my pos, but not quite as good as it's "A7M" brother board.