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Help me decide where to place my fans

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Jan 8, 2002
Boulder CO
Ok below is a really crappy diagram i made of what my future cooling setup could be. Tomorrow i am going to mod my case using a hole saw. Currently i have a lian li and those come with two 80mm in the front and one 80mm in the back for exhaust. I also have my psu exhaust.
Here comes the tricky part on the diagram. I currently have in my possestion two 55cfm 92mm Fans, one 33cfm 80mm fan, and one 80cfm 120mm fan. Where i am going to place the 120mm fan is no question, i am going to use it as an exhaust blowhole on the top of the case.
However, i am NOT SURE where to mount the 92mm fans. Should i mount them over the pci cards like shown in the red squares, or on the bottom of the mobo as shown on the green squares.

I am going to mount my extra 80mm fan underneath my current 80mm exhaust.


Oct 30, 2001
I would mount them over the pci cards. I have one 80 mm fan mounted over my cards and the cpu temp believe it or not went down 2 degrees. It keeps your cards cool and helps get the hot air up and out of the case. Thats where the 120 will come in. I have an 80mm sunon fan on top of my case and it cools well. Yours should be better.