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!! Help me Degin it !!

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Mar 8, 2002
!! Help me Begin it !!

It has come time to give in and ask the pros. I have a cheap HSF on my XP 1700. I have nothing special in my case, just a 80mm plus a ps fan. I have a heatsink on my GeForce 2. I have 4 or 5 extra old 486 heatsinks laying around (seem to be identicle to the one that came stock on the Geforce 2) I have a 128 stick of 2100 ddr and a 256 stick of ddr I have a cable capture card that runs warm, it's heat output is comparable to my ram. I needsome one to tell me how to cool my case. I am new at the innards of a PC, however I build the system myself, so I do have fundemntal knowledge. I have about $70 I can spend, and Id like to save on shipping by not doing mail order. I also have 3 old 80mm ps fans that work fine. I havn't decided on + or - inside preasure. As of now I won't be over clocking, but I probably will in the near future. If someone advises it, I would consider investing in a pre-moded case. I don't know mind chupping holes in my case, but it's a mini-tower and there isn't alot of room to spear. Thanks
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Mar 3, 2002
spend that 70 dollars on a good quality HSF a Thermaltake,Swifty or such and worry about the case later get some of the heat off that CPU. Also read Maximus's definitive guide on cooling it helped me alot, i would use those 80mm fans you got laying around to make a few blowholes

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Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
you also need good airflow inside the case...the 80mm you have, is it intake or exhaust? even if you got a good HS, you are still circulating the hot air inside the case, so the air your HS is sucking is getting hotter and hotter.

one of the way you can do is go to your local computer store, and see if they have any good case fans...personnal i perfer Sunon, they have good CFM while the noise level isn't bad. i dunno what midtower case you are using, but usually you can put 1 fan in the front-bottom, and another one just below the PSU. try using the bottom-front one as intake, and the rear one as exhaust.

also add in one of these , in your PCI slot, better put it next to your capture card, to take out some of the heat too.

just try to maintain a balanced airflow through out the case, along with a decent HSF, and you will be fine.