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Help me get this straight: Athlon & jumpers, KT7,OCing

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New Member
Feb 2, 2001

Do I need to do the pencil trick on my Athlon Chip to successfully OC?

I thought I read here and other places, by using the KT7 mobo==>> do need to mess with jumpers.

Does that include not messing with jumpers/bridge thing on the chip?

This also confuses me:
currently, my PC set at
x11.5 and FSB 110 = 1265
but when I run WCPUID ver 2.7
is shows this, Clock Freq:
internal 1100
external 220
multiplier 5.0

What is wrong with this picture?

If you haven't unlocked the cpu, it'll run at the default multiplier. In order for the mobo to be able to change the multiplier, you have to unlock it with the pencil trick - there's posts all over the place with advice on how to do it, so I won't go into the details. Because the multiplier is still locked on your cpu, even though it's set to 11.5 it'll still be 10 (assume you have a 1gig tbird). If you unlock it, 11.5 will then show up as 11.5. That explains why you're seeing a speed of 1100 - the default multiplier of 10x with the fsb of 110. Athlons, tbirds and durons run on a dual-pumped (basically DDR) bus, so although the fsb is 110, the cpu communicates with the chipset at an effective speed of 220.

The great thing about the KT7 is softmenu III - you can change everything in the bios, without having to open the case to fiddle with jumpers. BUT you do still have to unlock the cpu for the multiplier changes to work. So unlock it and get ocing!