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Help me overclock this

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Jun 11, 2001
I have a 1ghz Tbird, and an A7V mobo. I decided to go pencil in My L1 bridges today, since i had been running at 1050mhz via 105mhz fsb. So I penciled it in, put the multiplier to 10.5, and booted up at 1102mhz. Windows booted fine, so i decided to try running 3d mark. Well i got past the first car demo, then halfway through the second one my comp froze. So i restarted and cahnged my vcore from 1.75 to 1.80. THen i ran the demo again and it froze about 5 seconds into the first car demo. Now i have taken off the fsb overclock and am running at 1061mhz. I am going to try it 3dmark again.

BTW, my current case temp is 31C and my CPU temp is 44C. My computer ussually stays in the mid 40's when i play games and stuff.
It is an Antec 300w PS.

And my computer worked when i had the multiplier at 10.5 and fsb at 100. So it seems that I cant go over 1050 stable. Im at 1111mhz right now (11x100) and i will run 3dmark and see if it will pass.

Well so far 1111mhz has been stable. I switched over to the 12.00 drivers, my video card seems to like them the best :). I lowered the voltage to 1.75 again, and it still works fine. I still cant figure out why the fsb wont overclock anymore.