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help me please?? with one g-syng monitor

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Sep 11, 2018
hi my name is jim and I am from Greece
I came to your forum for to help me because I don't know what to do ..

I had one old monitor which before some days broke and now I am without monitor
at first I was thinking to buy one new monitor ultrawide Dell Alienware AW3418DW

but later I decided not to buy because the best thing is to wait for new monitors in 2019 in ultrawides monitors..
and I decided for a while to buy one cheap monitor for games until to buy after some months one new ultrawide monitor with better technology and more stuff...

now I want to buy one monitor

and I want to tell me if its worth to buy i SAW THIS MONITOR

Manufacturer Part Number
Technical Information
Number of Screens
Horizontal Viewing Angle
Vertical Viewing Angle
Mount Type
Wall Mountable
Panel Technology
In-plane Switching (IPS) Technology
Tilt Angle
Swivel Angle
Maximum Adjustable Height
Adjustable Display Pivot
Horizontal Frequency
31 kHz to 222 kHz - HDMI 2.0
31 kHz to 105 kHz - HDMI 1.4
222 kHz - DisplayPort
222 kHz - DisplayPort (FreeSync)
Vertical Frequency
56 Hz to 144 Hz - HDMI 2.0
56 Hz to 76 Hz - HDMI 1.4
40 Hz to 70 Hz - HDMI 1.4 (FreeSync)
40 Hz to 144 Hz - HDMI 2.0 (FreeSync)
40 Hz to 144 Hz - DisplayPort (FreeSync)
40 Hz to 144 Hz - DisplayPort
350 cd/m²
Tearing Prevention Technology
AMD FreeSync
Display & Graphics
Screen Size
68.6 cm (27")
Screen Mode
Backlight Technology
Aspect Ratio
Color Supported
16.7 Million Colours
Colour Depth
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Native Contrast Ratio
Number of Speakers
Output Power
2 W
Power Description
Input Voltage
120 V AC
230 V AC
Standby Power Consumption
350 mW
Off-Mode Power Consumption
300 mW
Energy Efficiency Class
Energy Consumption per Year
54 kWh
Physical Characteristics
366.1 mm
611.6 mm
66.1 mm
Weight (Approximate)
5.11 kg
Height with Stand
453 mm
Width with Stand
611.60 mm
Depth with Stand
240.10 mm
Weight with Stand (Approximate)
5.60 kg
VESA Mount Compatible
VESA Mount Standard
100 x 100

also i have some another questions
this monitor is freesyng if I will buy one nvdia card with this monitor??
will I have problems is fps?? or another problems?

some people told me that the freesyng monitors doest work with nvdia cards

also i dont understand what freesyngs and g-syngs technology offers??

also do you know if acer will releases new monitors in 2019 or at the end of 2018??

now I cant give more than 400 euros for one monitor because I believe that in some months will be out better monitors in ultrawides
for this reason I wanted to buy this acer monitor .

my question is if I buy it with one new nvdia card will this monitor work very well/? in pc games??

can you help me please what to do/.?

now I am without monitor and I don't know what to do..

is it better to buy this acer monitor or to buy now the Dell Alienware AW3418DW??

or to wait and this year for new models in ultrawides monitors?>?

so tell me what choises I have and what you would do if you were to my position??

I am very confused and I don't know what I have to do..

I don't know what decisions to take.

for this reason I came to your forum for to help me

what solutions I have in monitors??

i wanted to buy this monitor because offers

ips panel.. 1 ms.. 1440p and 144mhz
i mean for this model

its very cheap for the prize but the problem is that uses freesyng and amd cards are not very strong like nvdia cards.

I don't have problem with the money.
as I told you I can buy the Dell Alienware AW3418DW

but I don't buy yet because I believe in one or 2 years will be better ultrawides wth 200 hz and hdr technologys

for these reason I told to my shelf to buy one cheap monitor for to do my job for games and movies until to buy a very good monitor in 2019 or 2020..

so can you help what decisions to make please??

what decisions and which solutions i have for monitors??

I want to buy this acer because offers

ips panel
Horizontal Viewing Angle
Vertical Viewing Angle

1 ms response time.,

1440p with 144hz.

I don't know if freesyngs monitors works well with nvdia cards

also I don't know if gy-syng and freeysyngs have good results in tearing..

I mean these 2 technologies are marketing or the results from what these technologys do are very good and true?>?

can you aswere me in all these questions please//??

and I ask my apologizes for all these things which I wrote
and I ask my apologizes because my English are not very good??
what choises I have can you help me ple/ase??

right now I don't have monitor/

I want to tell me if its worth to buy i SAW THIS MONITOR

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which are the best g-syng monitors in 700 euros?? if I will buy ??

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Is it worth this monitor for gaming;

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Can you help me please ;

Which are the best gsyngs monitors in prize of 400 and 700 euros ;

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Also this Acer vga270up in the link which I saw you

Do you believe is good for gaming;
Are you looking for a G-Sync monitor (NVIDIA card to use G-sync), or Freesync (needs an AMD card)?

If you want freesync, that acer is fine. If you want G-sync, then you need a g-sync monitor (as I said earlier).

It is really difficult to help you with the spam-like posting habits. While you wait for responses from the community, you can search reviews on the monitors you come across to see how they work. Simply google the model name with the word review at the end. Typically you will find some out there. if not, you will need to hope someone here (or any other forum you posted this same question at) has the monitor.

Here is the monitor I have... Gsync, 144Hz+, IPS, 27" 2560x14440 - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod...2&cm_re=g-sync_monitor-_-24-011-082-_-Product

Not sure what that price is in your world, but, that is what I suggest if you have an NVIDIA GPU and looking for gsync.

A link for 'best gaming monitors'. See if these fit your needs - https://www.techradar.com/news/best-gaming-monitor
I have seen a lot of people uses your monitor can you tell me why most people have the same monitor as this you have??
It has been out for a couple of years I think? Not sure. If you really want to know, you are able to look it up and see.

When you buy it, obviously it would be new.

So many questions, but they matter so little in purchasing this product.
I don't know what to dO??

to buy this monitor which is very good or to wait to for new monitors in 2019?

my problem is that now I don't have monitor//.

because If I buy these monitor in 2019 will be new monitors with better technologies
I mean if I spend now 700 euros in 8 months will be new monitors at the same prize

for this reason I don't know what to do//.

if you were to position what you would do??
As I said earlier................IF YOU ARE READY, BUY NOW. There is always something better coming out 'next year'.
4. New monitors from all brands always come out.. if you are ready...buy now.

You do not have the budget to get HDR, Gsync/freesync, 2560x1440 IPS at 144Hz+ I don't believe. But look. HDR is the 'newest' tech that is out for monitors, but I also believe your GPU has to support HDR (as well as the game). Here is a read for you on that subject - https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/09/24/what-graphics-card-hdr-pc-games/.

We have no idea what your system specs are. Please create a signature with your system specs (CPU, RAM, Mobo, GPU, PSU, etc).
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I have one 4770k in 4.5

Asus z87 deluxe

Coolermaster psu 1500

16 giga ram

Gtx 780

But as I told you I will buy one 1080 ti and new monitor like these you have

Look my problem is not the money

I can buy the dell alienware but my problem is if I spend now 700 and 1200 euros for one monitor the next year will come better monitors

For these reason I am thinking to buy one cheep monitor

I don't know what to do

To spend 1200 euros for one ultra wide 34 size like alienware or to buy this monitor that you told me ;

Or to wait in 2019 for new monitors like Acer x35 will come in 2019;

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I gave you my specs from my system
There's always something new next year and the year after that and so on ..... so you can't base a decision on that.
Personally, I'd never spend that much on a monitor but that's me. I ususally get what's on sale maybe a year or two old. Not that much has changed
If I will buy alienware dell 34 ultra wide
Which Iove it so much will these monitor hold me for more 5 years;

The only problem with alienware that is not hdr and is not 200 mhz

The native is 100 and overclocking goes to 120
I mean the new monitors that will come will be ips gsyng with 200 mhz and hdr

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I don't know what to do
Do you believe that the next hdr ultra eides gaming monitor that will come in 2019 will cost more than 1400 euros;

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Do you know when Acer x35 will release;
I don't have a clue neither I nor anyone here can tell you the future. There were some reasonable choices on that page I linked, if you really think you need HDR with 144 Hz then pick one. Or get a reasonably priced monitor and buy a 2080Ti
I'd stay away from ultrawides due to game compatibility. Not all games support widescreen resolutions so the image can look stretched.

A 1080ti cant handle that resolution, no. It's almost 4k for which you want a 2080ti. 2560x1440 is fine with 1080ti.