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help me please?? with one g-syng monitor

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They're not "standard" resolutions. E_D just said that a lot of game don't support them so you'll be playing windowed. 1920x1080, 2560x1440 and 3840 x 2160 are standards

Like he has been trying more than once to tell you to stick with 2560x1440 save some money and the headaches
SOME games will not look right on that monitor, correct. I would stick to the resolutions Johan mentioned for a gaming monitor, yes. It is not many games, nor can we name them, but they are out there.
this monitor which i told you is ultrawide curve

Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor: AW3418DW

so in this the most games will not have good function??

i mean with this ultrawide curve monitor the games will have issues??
That was asked, twice, already and answered. Are you having issues reading and understanding what we are saying?
It isn't a majority, definately not many, but enough to pass a warning about it. With gaming being a priority, as we said many times before... it is best to match 2560x1440 with a 1080Ti or RTX 2080 and 4K UHD with a 2080 Ti. If I was you, I would stay at 2560x1440 and snag a 2080 or 1080 Ti and an IPS G-sync capable monitor.
look i a,m between these 2 monitors

Acer xb271hu and Viewsonic XG2703-GS
which is the best from these 2>?

someone told me
Acer XB271HU doesnt have good color present and also have low gama is it true??

and also have very low ghosting in 60 hz is it true??>

why some people say that Viewsonic XG2703-GS is better from Acer XB271HU;;;

also i will not buy ultrawide because it has problems with the games and the list with games suport is very little

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because i will buy one from these 2 monitors can you suggested me one custom 1080 ti;;

from all these which is the best and which to buy::

;;asus rog stix

msi gaming (x), duke, titanium

evga sc, ftw, icx

zotac amp! extreme

gigabyte aorus

I read as much as I could. I really did.

I bought a new monitor about 2 weeks ago, I was going to go Acer xb271hu 27in ips, but instead went with a Acer Z321qu 31.5in va since it was on sale.
Both monitors are normally $700 US, but the Z321qu went on sale for $550 so I cound't resist.

Compared to the 27in 1080 60hz dinosaur I upgraded from I am very happy.

Its still on sale now, not sure if you can get the sale price where you are.