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Help me please

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Feb 9, 2001
ok here's the deal .. i just got my 1.33 (266fsb) tbird


i put it on .. put some artic silver II with my alpha pep66 w/black delta ..
ok i try to run at 10x145 .. boots up fine ..
but friggin 3dmark2000 crashes saying corrupt file ..
i boot up again this time at 11 x 137 (1501)
working good for now .. but i know it will crash in 3d apps or games most likely .. using stock voltage .. if i raise the voltage my pc wont boot ..
wut the hell could be crashing my 3d apps and games ..
its on a KT7A Raid mobo with the WZ bios ..
mobo temp is 22celcius .. case temp is 24 celcius and tbird temp is 41 celcius right now (1501)
even when i overclocked before on my other chip my games and 3d marks would crash ..
im using a hercules geforce 2 ultra
386 megs of kingmax pc150 tinybga
sb live 5.1 platinum
3com 10/100 nic

can anyone freakin help me

could it be my northbridge is getting to hot ??
should i replace the fan with a blorb ??
could that be holding me back ..

what about all the 3d **** crashing .. any ideas

please help me ..

do i need water ?
I'd investigate that video card. It may be overheating and causing your problems. Try backing it off from 4x to 2x. Try pulling all extra cards out of the system and run 3dM then to see if it still crashes. At least you can eliminate your bus cards that way. Maybe try a fan blowing across the video card and/or a fan/bigger fan on the card itself. Your system board temps are great so I doubt the bridge is causing any problems.

Good luck.
thanks for your advice ..
people are telling me it could be my soundblaster live
so im gonna just pull all the cards out and see what happens ..
im running at 11.5x133 now (1533) and its stable .. but i ran 3dmark and it gets thru the first test and then boots me out to the desktop .. so i dont know ..

ill keep you posted
I've got a SB Live Value card in my system and it clocks with no problems. I am running 7x130 on a 700 Duron. PC133 RAM. (Micron), and a Nvidia Sniper II video card. The Sniper seems to be the limiting factor on my increasing the FSB any more. After the components all get burned in good, I'm going to push the multiplier some and see what happens.
I don't think its your sound blaster. Mine is fine the X gamer 5.1 suround and runs fine. These are high quality cards that everyone uses and I never heard of the sound card effecting 3dmark2000. You built this system yourself right. What is the power supply? The new thunderbirds need at least 300W for the 266fsb.
ok .. i left my case open with the window open .. and my cpu was at 27 C
when i booted up .. i booted up at 11.5x133 (1533) and i ran 3dmark 2 times and i scored 9093
and my temp shot up to 48C but im idling at 44 C .... maybe i just need better cooling ..
so maybe ill get a blorb on my gforce 2 ultra and northbridge and watercool my chip and i should
be ok ..
little hint... put a slot cooler right below the GF2 GTS, and it'll suck the heat off, also place a fan blowing onto the cards... helps with temps as well
Read my posts in amd motherboard about problems with kt7a-raid's...