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Help Me Please!!!

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May 2, 2001
Ok I really do not know where to put this because It might go in GH so mods if you think this is more appropreate to go in GH please delete it here and PM me and I will repost it in GH.

Ok I an doing my science project on Aerodymanics and I need to power 2 120mm fans and I have an ATX PSU to do this and the thing I just realized was I need to jump some wires for the PSU to turn on without a motherboard attached to it so if someone could tell me which wires to jump and how to jump them I would love you forever. Please help me Thanks

I believe there was a post here, where someone thought they had a dead PSU - they tested the PSU by shorting two of the pins.
Okay before I say this listen carefully cause I don't want you to mess anything up.

Locate pin14. Pin 14 should be easy because it should be the ONLY GREEN wire going into the motherboard ATX connector. All you have to do is connecto Pin 14 to a ground wire. Any ground wire should be a totally black wire in your power supply connectore to the motherboard. You connect those two wires and your psu should start right up without being connected.

I think I have a picture...yeah...here you go

*edit* oh that stinks Ridenow...I was so proud of myself too, and you beat me too it :)
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Sweet guys thanks now all I got to do it put it all together and pray it works Thanks you for the help this is why I love Overclockers.com
Shadow ÒÓ said:
Lets see here......a power supply question...hmm.....

Maybe in the Cases and PSU Board???!?!?!

Acually you can delete this thread now Shadow ÒÓ, it was more of a I NEED A QUICK ANSWER OR I'M GONNA FAIL PHYSICS question I just happend to be using a computer power supply in my project, go ahead and delete now thanks Shadow ÒÓ