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Help me with a pelt question plz

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Jul 11, 2001
My new 156w pelt will be here in a little while. When I had my first pelt it is very difficult to get the coldplate,pelt waterblock to stay straight when you mount everything. If you don't have a pelt imagine a piece of ceramic with arctic silver on both sides, between to pieces of copper, very slippery.
I read the article about the maze2-2, and saw how the holes were drilled, and the coldplate sandwiched everything, but I don't want to buy another waterblock, especially since I can't get one today, and I'm not to thrilled about drilling my waterblock, it being the only one I have.
I'm sure there were ppl doing this before the DDmaze2 design, but with one set of hands how did you do it acurately? C clamps? mobo out, compleely off the tray?
Any help is appreciated.
I put a little superglue along with the thermal paste on both sides of the pelt then clamp the whole thing in a vice (gently) untill the glue sets. This holds everything together fine and it still comes apart when required. You could use Arctc Silver Epoxy but it would be pretty hard to get apart should you ver want to.
I was reading about the AS poxy, and it states that if you mix 1/2 poxy, and 1/2 AS2 it would be much easier to get apart.
Does this sound feasbale, and has any1 done it?
A dot of superglue on two opposing corners works great. (As was previously mentioned.) The AS Epoxy would probably work, but I think for this application it would be a waste.