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Help me with this Unlocking!!!

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Oct 26, 2002

I'm having the hardest time unlocking my amd. Many people has told me that is a partial unlock but i font know what i'm doing wrong. Some multipliers are not working, and some dont let my pc boot so i have to clear the cmos. After that it would show XP1700+ ( 133FSB * 11 on Sandras ) but my AMD its an AGOIA XP1800+.

Please look at the pic and advise me whats wrong.

well it looks ok. did u scrap the top of the pins with a needle before applying the deffoger paint?
i have just done that an nothing. How much do i need to scrap?
Is it just in the pins or the hole line?
scrape the dots and the gaps, my chip unlocking didnt work and I tried 10 times and I had a pro do it, looks like a ****ty chip that I have even though its AGOIA Y 2002 Week 8
I have scrap all the dots again and nothing, the strange is that when it boos it gives me XP1700 when my chip is XP1800?
i have 2000+ and it would show as 1900+ then it showed as 2400+ its just a messed up thing. What i did to fix it is, take some alcholhol or nail polish remover and rub that area good. Then plug it back up and it should reconize right again
Use ACETONE bases nail polish remover to take off the old unlock and give it a good scraping with a needle- it took me about 4 attempts to get it right on mine- you will get it eventually.
OK i just scruup mi cpu. i scraped to much andnow my bridges disapeared. there is no gap betwen the dots. Now without the bridges it gives me xp1900. if i set the bridges the pc wont boot.

i going scrazyyyyyyyyyyyy
The only good thing is that i now have an xp1900 with a 144 FSB very stable ( 12H in Prime ) but canot go over 150 because wont boot.

Any suggestion in how to fix my CPU?