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help me

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New Member
May 21, 2008
Im new to the overclocking scene, and i had a few questions.

1. what is the max temp your overclocked cpu should be at. and what would be a good range.

2. where can i find a easy to understand or "Dummys" guide to simple overclocking

3. Whats the deal with Memory and the "Timings" do i want them higher or lower and whats with the cas lag.

4. How would you rate my soon to be budget build
Case: Sunbeam Quarterback
Vid (2 SLi) ASUS EN8500GT
Pcu: AMD Athlon 64
Ram: G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB)

I would like to be able to play Crysis on med settings and planing on overclocking so get my money worth. but the only part i have right now is the Mobo. If anyone has any tips please feel free to let me know
Doesn't look like you did much research, CPU is an under powered single core, and you have 2 crap GPUs in SLI meaning you'd be lucky to even run Crysis on minimum settings.

You want at the very least a dual core AMD X2 4400+, 5000+ recommended, AMD X3 and X4 Phenoms are even better and quite cheap.

For GPU you want at least a 8800GS (about $100) but I'd recommend a 9600GT or even better a 8800GT, these will allow you to play Crysis. Only get SLI if you plan on buying 2 high end cards at the same time for high resolution (1900x1200) gaming.

Also get a case and a PSU seperately, the PSU included with that case is pretty garbage as are most included with cases.
yea not much, first off i hate ASUS with all of my being, i have never seen any thing but crap from that company.

seccondly 8500Gts are ok cards but nothing, even in SLI, to be hard core gaming with. a single games ok but for the $120 initial investment i would get a 9600GT or better. i'll show you something. i bet alot of people would be supprised some one tested 2 8500GTs in SLI:

3dmark 06 SLI 8500GT OCed 6691
thats for 2 MSI DDR3 (same as you linked to) enabled 8500GTs, i bought them at roughly $30 a pop, a single 8500GT gets literaly half the 3d mark score

3dmark 06 9600GT OCed 11191
i ran this earlier today OCed but not max, at stock it got me 10K

big difference, drop the asus crap and get a decent 9600GT or something better and mabe check out and spend the few extra $$$ for a card with a lifetime warranty, i know i have had it come in handy before.

you were already told about the processor, i am interested for some one to try the 45W dual core 4X50e's
Take some, ALOT, of time and do some research here.

The Search option can be your best friend here sometimes. One of the rules of any kind of scientific study is finding research and results that have already beeen provided for your use.