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Help me!!!!!!!!

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Black Hawk

Jan 16, 2002
The Petrochemical and Oil Refinery state.
Alright, planning a new computer, and I've run into a problem. I've gone over my budget, and I need to change my planned setup the only two real options are these:

Switch from Water-Cooling to Air Cooling.

Go to a Antec SX-635 from a Antec 1040.

So my questions are:

1) Will a dangerden heater coor CPU only water cooling setup fit in the SX-635?

2) Will I have enough power switching to the 350W PS?
333DDR, Pent 1.6A, Asus p4s333, Cd-rom, Floppy, 40GB HDD, ATI 8500, 4.1 Speakers... you get the idea.

3) How much of a temp difference am I looking at with this setup:
Thermaltake 7+, 4x 80MM Sunons.

Compared to:
Danger Den Maze 2, Heater Core, 1250 Ehiem Pump, 120MM sunnon fan attached to radiator.

4) How noisy will the air cooling setup be? please give me things like: Hurricane, Vacuum Cleaner, etc., not DbA.

5) This will be in my room, if I choose the aircooling, will I be able to sleep at night if it is approx. 8-10 feet away from my ears at night?

Thanks alot. I would love to stay water cooled and keep the case, but if it's going to stay mine, it needs to have a budget limit. Of course, unless you think I should share a state of the art computer with my family..... (Let me hint you, NO.)