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help meh speed up

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Nov 4, 2002
Vashon Island,WA
I need some help speeding up my older computer, specs:

Duron 1ghz @1.2
640 megs pc133 SDram
maxtor 60gig 7200rpm
GeForce2 pro 64meg
xp pro

I only want to replace 1 thing on it because I just forked out 900$ on a new box, but none the less this is gonna be my wifes gaming rig so I figured I should speed it up a little.

I was thinkin the pc133 ram was what is holding me back. I wanted to put in a stick of 512meg ddr 2700 or 2100 but I dont know if my motherboard will support anything over the pc133. Anyone have experience with this mobo and will it support the ddr?

also does that look like the memory is the slowest thing in the setup?


Aug 8, 2002
If your mobo doesn't support DDR then I wouldn't even upgrade that comp. The only thing I would upgrade would be the ram, but it may not even support DDR huh? The next thing I would upgrade would be the cpu, but then that would mean you would have to swap out your mobo, ram, etc. anyway... So, if that mobo you have doesn't support DDR I don't think that systems is really worth upgrading. :) just my own opinion though! :)


Übercaffinated Member
Dec 27, 2001
In the lab
I'm with beeze on this one. That board will not support DDR. The only one-part-at-a-time upgrade path I can think of would be getting a motherboard that supports both sdram and ddr, but none of these are good overclockers.
If you really want a good upgrade, you're going to have to change at least two parts: your ram and your motherboard.

One suggestion I have is that, if you have less than 256mb ram, you go back to windows 98se. WinXP is a huge hog of resources and could potentially slow you down quite a bit.


Dec 18, 2000
Peoria Ill
If you were to drop 100 bucks on a fast GF3 Ti200 or GF3500,
I think that would be about the only upgrade that would
make a major difference with that rig.

Even if that motherboard would run DDR ram, I think the duron
would be unable to utilize it fully.....