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Help! My heatsink twisted several times while installing

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May 18, 2016
Austin, TX
I just started a new build and finally got the hyper 212 evo on the cpu. I went ahead and applied a thin layer of arctic silver on the heatsink prior to installing because when I saw the bottom there was a pit in the heatsink. I also went with the pea size on the cpu

So I have 3 concerns.

1. I had trouble installing the heatsink - wish I had gone with a different model. It slid all over the place and it twisted around once because I thought I had it facing the wrong way. Should I start over?

2. The fact that the heatsink botton had a "pit" in it (filled in with Arctic silver 5 - the stuff is really pastey)

3. It doesn't appear that the heatsink completely covers the cpu

Do you think I should start over? Any feedback would be welcome. Attached are photos

20160611_074336_HDR_resized.jpg 20160611_074839_HDR_resized(1).jpg
See that knurled screw in your pic?, tighten that down until the spring is fully compressed. That will tighten your mount. Run it and check temps.
thank you you so much, I watched a ton of youtubes and none mentioned that. That helped.

Just wondering if all that twisting caused air bubbles..also the fact that it does not cover the cpu is a problem?
you might have trapped some air, not the biggest deal in the world.

all that matters with that cooler type is that all the heatpipes contact the cpu, the block really just holds the pipes in place.
Doesn't matter at all that it doesn't cover the entire CPU. I put an arctic A11 on an FX-6100 and it covered WAY less than that, but still had AWESOME temps with it.
You don't need to apply TIM to both surfaces. Just put the pea sized blob on the CPU top. The mounting pressure will spread it. With all the TIM you used you are asking for electrical shorting issues when it squeezes out the edges and runs down the side. Arctic Silver is electrically capcitive. A better choice is Arctic Cooling MX2 or MX4 which is inexpensive but a very good TIM and it is not electrically capacitive or conductive.

The "pit" you describe is the convex curve of the heat sink base. This is a common intentional design feature of heat sink manufactures these days. Supposedly, it prevents damage to the fragile LGA socket pins. Puts most of the mounting pressure on the outside edges of the CPU heat spreader where the support walls are. Personally, I wish they wouldn't do it as it has a negative impact on heat transfer. But they are trying to cover their backsides. Intel also puts a slight curve in their heat spreader lids for the same reason. If you were to "lap" a newer Intel heat spreader this becomes obvious. The sanding takes off material from the edges well before it touches the center.
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Atminside, it's taken me over a week to get this thing together and my Temps initially are 34 degrees Celsius. Of course I need to get the OS up and see how it does under load. It's hot as all get out here as well bein summer in Texas

Thanks Trents and all for your suggestions .. I have more pics of the cpu up close I don't think it's running out the sides but will keep my eyes on it .. I may just get a water cooling sink when I can afford it

So is 34 degrees normal or should they hang more around 28?
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34c is very acceptable for a 5820K on air. Tho idle temps are nothing. Try tossing a load on it like AIDA64 and see how it handles the load.
Seems like it's working about where it should, what is your ambient though?
As Neb said, load temps are what counts.
Temps look good at idle as mentioned above. Your case can accomodate several fans to improve air flow which is quite helpful in moving heat from the case. How many do you have (intake -> bottom & front, exhaust -> back & top)? And as asked above, what are your ambient (room) temps?
Thanks y'all I set the heatsink up with 2 120 in a push pull configuration. I have 2 140s in front 1 exhaust in back and one on top I could probably install 2 140s on top as well

I haven't loaded my operating system yet to measure the other temps