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HELP My new A7V133 isn't workin

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New Member
May 1, 2001
Hi everybody, i need help for my a7v133 board.
Here's the problem, ok when ever i start it, it doesn't boot though everything is on default.
I see a little green light on, on the motherboard so im not sure if it's dead. the fans for both chipset and cpu aren't operating ether. i checked the power
switch button and it's on correctly.

Computer Specs:
asus A7V133 with out audio
Athlon T-Bird 900mhz Blue Core
128 pc133 generic ram
6.8gb fuji hard drive
NviDia TNT2 32mb age
d-link 10/100 network card
230watt power supply
First of all, check all of your connections, settings, jumpers etc. Do you have the fan plugged into the correct header? This can cause this problem.

You didn't power up the motherboard without a hsf on the CPU, did you? The T-BIRDS / DURONS aren't very forgiving to that if you did. I've read of them being overheated and ruined in less than 30 seconds without a hsf.

Good Luck!!
I had the same problem. Test it with a different power supply, even though the light on the mother board works.

It was the defective power supply.
Hmm in my experiences the green light only means, that the mobo has powerconnection!

have you ever got it running?? beeping or something?? maybe heard the harddisks??

if not, you maybe put the poweron-switch cable in wrong postion oder the reset-cable???
I would remove the system panel connector wires (speaker, atx power switch and reset switch) and reinstall them. They are awfully small and maybe you missed them. Also you can plug the reset switch into the atx power switch pins and test for a bad power switch. (they are both momentary switches so it won't hurt anything).