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"Help my PC won't boot". Sort of.

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Biggles 266

Jan 18, 2004
My last machine died a mysterious death. It worked right up until I built this one, in fact it died the same day. I went through everything you would expect: cables, switch, short circuits, parts, resetting CMOS.

I finally figured it was either the motherboard or the CPU. How do I tell which one it was? If I was to take the CPU out, would I get an error message from the mobo at least? The actual symptoms are that when I turn the PC on power goes to the drives, fans spin but that is all. No display. Nothing. I know there is some sort of issue at this point because the status light on the CD drive stays on, whereas when it used to work it would just blink when first powered on. So I know it wasn't a graphics problem or anything like that.

I'd just like to know basically. If I knew which was faulty (possibly both of course) then I could possibly resurrect it and use it as a cruncher.

Jetway A618AF and Celeron 633 incidentally.


Oct 9, 2003
Minneapolis, MN
It could be many things. You could have a bad HDD, and I also wouldn't rule out a graphics problem either. I would just start swapping out hardware with another comp and do some trial and error. You won't be able to tell anything by booting without a cpu either.