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help needed configuring puter

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Apr 5, 2002
Barcelona, Spain
Hi everyone.

I'm setting up a rig for a friend. Money's short so the idea would be to get a 2400 and o/c it to around 3000+

I'm writing cause apparently there are lots of types of 2400's out (????) and I don't want to get one that won't overclock nicely!

The memory isn't a problem as I'll get whatever necessary to get around 3000+ speeds.

Here go the questions:
Would you recommend a Abit NFS7.0 as the motherboard?

Should I be looking for a specific color of cpu or something to tell me what it's o/c'ing potential is? Is there more than one version of the 2400 out there?

What memory speed should I get that'll reach the fsb needed to take the 2400 to 3000 (supposing the mult's locked).

And last but not least, should I get the 2500 barton instead? Apparently they're all locked, but if it has more cache and stuff shouldn't it be faster?

thanks for the answers!


c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
Abit nForce2 mobo is great.

2500+ unlocked Barton will overclock more than 3000+. locked/unlocked:

$62 2100+ or $50 1800+ Thoroughnbred B will overclock about as much MHz-wise but they have 1/2 the cache which is worth about 100 MHz less if you want to think about it that way.

'The memory isn't a problem',
MHz speed = FSB x multiplier. FSB part is dependant on memory and is very important. PC3200 RAM does 200 FSB. But some PC3200 can overclock a lot, some not so much.

If you get a 2400+ Thorton, new ones are also locked, so you'll be stuck with a 15x multiplier on the 2400+ which is not very good as you'll definitely need a lower multiplier to make the most out of your FSB overclock.

I haven't seen a locked 2100+ yet and they do 2.3 GHz for $62.
Of course if you have PC3200 RAM, you can probably OC that to 209 FSB so that even with a locked multiplier of 11, you can hit [209] x 11 = 2299 MHz which is better than 2.3 GHz with 2100+ because 2100+ has 1/2 the cache. Good luck man.


Apr 5, 2002
Barcelona, Spain
as of the motherboard, does Asus have anything worthwhile now? Would any mb with the nforce2 work well?
And do they have locks for the agp and pci bus??

I think I'll try out the 2100+ and see how it fares... I understand from your post that a 2400 wouldn't reach 200fsb as the chip would be limiting the o/c instead of the ram.
2.3 in PR terms equals around 3000+, right?

Ah, I think I get it. The idea is to get a chip fast enough to do around 3000+ but at the same time make the fsb be around 210, right? So then is the 1900 better suited than the 2100?

Also, how can I be sure not to get some older stepping that screws me? The store I get it at is always reordering so they don't keep a stock... but they won't let me check the codes. I live in Spain so ordering online isn't an option as it's too expensive and takes too long.

The memory will probably be 3200 or maybe 3500.
My goodness, I didn't know there were so many types with different caches and stuff... I take it everything under 2500 uses a 266fsb and only 256kb cache, right?

lol, how many questions! sorry 'bout that