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Help needed Tbird 1.0 gig and Epox 8kta+ via kt-133

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New Member
Apr 19, 2001
I recently bought the Amd Tbird 1.0 gig and the epox 8kta+ mobo. I had heard about the mobo being very stable when over clocked, but my experience is really different. I unlocked the cpu using the pencil method and then tried over clocking using the multiplier I bumped the speed to 1050 but cpu was unstable and crashed so I tried using the fsb but still the processor was unstable then I tried a combo of both but still the cpu crashed during tests in windows. The mobo has an option inside the bios, which let me decide the ram speed. I have 2, 128mb pc-133 ram generic brand. When I select pc-133 the system crashes much faster but when I select pc-100 the system is a bit more stable. I don’t know what might be causing these problems the only think I can think of is the ram or that I have a 200-watt power supply. The system also seems to be under performing it still performs better than my last system PIII 600 same ram and power supply but the increaser is nothing spectacular. Any help would be appreciated.
Your power supply is too small for starters.You need at lest a 300W power supply for a AMD combo. What temps are you running at? Is your ram set to cas 2 or 3 if it is set cas 2 you may have to set it to 3.
Power supply is definitely related to system stability. Your voltages will stay closer to spec rather than dropping a lot if you run a good 300W or better PSU. I had problems when I had an AT case and a 200W power supply when I was running my K6-2 system. I took that same mobo and put it in my current (Enlight 7237 ATX) case with a 300W PSU and most of the problems went away.