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help - new build, black screens

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In the Boot menu you can try changing CSM from auto to enabled, might help, and there are different splash/post screen options

changed to enabled. Also disabled fast boot as a suggestion I saw on another thread. As an update there were no black screen crashes yesterday evening and overnight. Hope it really was just a drivers issue
Good luck. Persistent issues like that really suck the fun out of things
Happened again just now while watching video: sound cut off, display off, monitor started blinking, fans spin normally, power button does nothing. Turned it off and on from the psu switch. Can the power/reset switches stop working like that if there is a driver failure or some problem with power management that would cause a system crash?

edit: updated bios to latest provided by asus, says in the description of each version that they improve stability

edit2 not to bump: I know they can but decided against it at first since the mobo came with a 08.12.2017 version and the latest is from 26.01.2018, only a month and a half later

edit3 not to bump: after reading numerous sources black screen can be caused by anything, literally almost any piece, and the power button not working thing is also fairly common (well... not much, but there are cases) and doesn't necessarily mean mobo failure which I was fearing. What I was hoping for was to confirm or rule out hardware failure, but any ruling out is not going to take the small amount of time needed. For now I will start off with ram just-in-case testing (currently running on pass 8 while I'm at work) then complete reinstall of windows with latest chipset/gpu drivers and only 1 monitoring software, hwinfo64, and no other software (Ai suite, aura, other monitors, ryzen master, benchmarks) as multiple such softwares together may cause crashes. If that fails I'll continue by disabling one power mode at a time (c-states, TPU, EPU) that may cause unstable idling. If there's anything software related thing I could do please share for those of you who may check this thread. My target is to be stable at default stock settings on everything for at least a week before starting OC again. Any feedback and suggestions about my plan will be much appreciated, I'm not tech savvy after all.
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