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Help OC'ing Dual-CPU E2140

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New Member
Jan 28, 2010
My specs:

-Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
-Intel Dual CPU E2140 @ 1.6
-Radeon 5750

The whole point of me OC'ing this is because my processor can't keep up with this new card. Sometimes in games (CoD for example) I run real smooth then get a spike where it chops for a second or two.

I would like to know what is safe to overclock this too with stock cooling (Dell Vostro 200). I have heard of people safely overclocking this processor to 3.2. If need be I can always run out and purchase another case fan, but I do not want to buy a new processor and I would love for some step by step help to OC'ing this and a list of the programs I will need.

Thanks in advance,


5up3r m0d3r4t0r
Aug 11, 2008
:welcome: to OCForums!

Dell usually locks the OC setting in the BIOS, so you might not be able to OC at all.

If you happen to have access to the OC settings, then check the stickied OCing C2D/C2Q guide at the top of the Intel CPUs section.

After you've read that, and you still have questions, then there are plenty of people that will be willing to help you.


Mar 21, 2010
ive have been fixing a comp today with very similar specs..id like to say you can oc but even in bios i dont believe you are granted such liberty and increasing voltage alone wont do all that much good for the e2140...even so good luck man


Apr 20, 2001
St. Paul, MN, USA
For a Dell Vostro?

No BIOS FSB options.
No BIOS voltage options.
No BIOS multiplier options.

Ever. End of story. If you want to go faster, you've got two choices : drop in a new motherboard (not usually feasible, since lots of Dells use non-standard form factors) or drop in a new CPU.

Your only option from an 'overclocking' standpoint is to use an LGA775 pad-mod for the CPU, to trick the motherboard into thinking it's a different CPU model (with faster FSB speeds, for example) entirely.


Nov 10, 2010
you could use setfsb...but it wont give you much room to play mabey 1.8ghz-2ghz tops...NEVER buy a prebuilt if you want to overclock....build your own...