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Help on buying a ASUS A7V Socket A Athlon/Duron Mainboard

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New Member
Feb 7, 2001
i have a Gigabyte GA-7ZM Socket A Athlon/Duron Mainboard but am trading this in for a ASUS A7V Socket A Athlon/Duron Mainboard is the ASUS A7V a good mother Board????? For O/C

Just converted from a MSI Slot A to Asus A7V133A. It is a well designed M/B. It has the 133A chipset. I took a chance & never reformatted my HD using Win98SE. I deleted several AMD driver files & it booted the first time. I have had a few minor problems but have worked my way through them. Ready now to upgrade the bios & try Overclocking at a FSB of 133 to start.

It is not full Raid M/B like the Abit. I don't plan on using raid anyway. I manly bought the Asus for the 133A chipset, dip switch settings & the ability to install different type of heatsinks on the CPU. The Abit is limited in this area because of the items around the heatsink.

Asus has a nice easy website too!

I probaly should have waited several weeks & got the new MSI M/B. my old Irongate was stable as a rock!

Just one persons opinion.

the a7v is a damn good board, i love it. gonna trade it for the a7v133 anyways. i got the chance to change so i'll do it. never had major problems with my board, nice mods available. if you can get the a7v133 do it. otherwise the a7v is a good choice for kt133 chipsets.

any questions u got bra, fire away. slap a vantec hs on ur cpu.
i know all the tweaks u can use for this board, by the way, dont use directx 8, use 7a for starters, and dont use via service pack 4.28, use 4.24 or 4.25

good luck,

amd tbird 800@1000 (7.5x133)
"New" Vantec cooler (gotta love that clip)
Asus a7v133 motherboard
256mb pc150 kingmax (2-2-2)
evga geforce2pro 32mb
maxtor 30g
40x cdrom
linksys 10/100 nic