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help on t-bird 1.2ghz cooling

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May 23, 2001
can any one help ive got t-bird running at 1.2ghz 266 fsb x9 multiplier on an epox 8kta3+ motherboard with a 3d prophet II gts pro 64m graphics card getting very hot in the case the question is what should my idea tempreture be what sort of cooling do i need where can i get this cooling from ive tryed overclocking this cpu it runs nice on 1.4ghz but gets a bit hotter this is my aim to clock it and keep it cool any help please !
Firstly welcome to the forum.....if you would like to add some aditional information about your system the chances of getting a more informed reply will increase dramatically, what is your current CPU and System temps? and what Heat sink and fan combination are you using now? (don't want anyone suggesting you buy what you already have)
im just using a normal 1.2 ghz heat sink and fan square type black fan mounted on top im also putting a fan on the side of the case blowing directley at the cpu im getting 43-48 using it as a 1.2ghz (without the side mounting fan)but when use it faster its hitting 53 then i turn off and reset it ........as i dont want to damage the cpu its now left at 1.2ghz till i can sort this cooling prob out .help!!!!!!!!!!!
You'll probably want to try one of the GlobalWin or Alpha HSF combos. You should also place at least an 80mm or higher fan in the top rear of the case to exhaust heat. Also, spring for some Artic Silver2 thermal compound. Combined these should bring down both your CPU and case temps.