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help/opinion- GF VS ATi

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May 21, 2001
sup guys,
I've been browsing ebay...

I need a new vid card, but I don't wanna spend much more than 150 US...

seems everywhere I look it's Geforce...
but I've been lookin at the RADEON 64 mb DDR...
the ATI page didn't have perf. specs,
I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, especially when Max payne comes out..
it's all over...

is a radeon comparable to GF?
All I can say is if you plan on getting a GF, get it BEFORE trying a Radeon. After the Radeon, the GF is a major eye-sore. The image quality in games just isn't as good. It's kind of like 16bit vs 32 bit color, if you've never run at 32bit, you don't know what you are missing. But, once you have, well, there's no going back.

That's all the advice I have to give.
I have owned a ATI Radeon 64DDR and a GF2 Ultra. I personally didn't see the eye candy difference, but many say it is there, so I won't refute it. BUT, you can buy a GF2 Pro for 140 bucks now. That card has about TWICE the performance of a ATI Radeon. Any questions??? :)
A GF2 will give you a few more fps, the Radeon will give you better image quality and better DVD performance. It's simply a matter of choosing which you prefer. I'm partial to my Radeon. It's only a 32ddr but I have never seen a loss of fps in a game or a skip in a DVD. I still kinda want a 64 w/vivo though.
i had a gforce 2mx once i then traded it up put in a few more bucks and got the radeon 64 meg ddr. ive had the card for about 2 months and i love it. i play mostly driving games,and the only games i cant use 4 sample fsaa is porche unleashed and nascar 4 all my other games (to many to list) run fantastic at 1024 x 768 32 bit and cant say enough about the dvd playback i have a 22 inch monitor with my home stero as surround,well all i can say is i have never seen anything with more clarity in my life.my system is a t-bird 900 on a kt7a 128 megs of crucial ram.
Ummm.....Daedalus, actually the Radeon is faster at higher resolutions. Then when you switch over to 32-bit, the Radeon pulls away more...Though this shouldn't be the case when i get my Geforce 2 Ultra today HAHA!