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[HELP] Opinions on prices............

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Feb 26, 2003
Okay - dont delete this mods - i just need feedback on these prices for systems.

i plan to sell the below system locally here - now i do live in a country that charges about $250 US for a P4 2.4a - so keep this in mind!!

i am going to put these system up for sale - the company i work for may be buying the first 2 - let me know if the prices are too low for what is offered.. or even too high.... - to you they may be too high i know, but this i costa rica!!! :d

  • System 1 – $200 US
    PIII 550Mhz
    128mb PC133 ram
    4g Maxtor hard drive -5400 RPM
    Sony Vaio case
    Asus 40x CDROM (matches case)
    2x DVD-R burner / 12x cd-r/w (matches case)
    Integrated video (up to 64mb shared memory)
    (modified power switch)

    System 2 - $200 US
    PIII 750Mhz
    384mb PC133 ram
    NEW 40g WD hard drive – 7200 RPM
    52x Asus CDROM
    8mb ATI rage video card
    NEW case and PSU

    System 3 - $450 US
    Asus P4S533 motherboard
    P4 a2.4Ghz 400Mhz FSB
    256mb PC2700
    120g HD
    16mb SIS 5598 / 6326 AGP video card

    System 4 - $650 US
    Tyan 2500 motherboard
    Dual PIII 733 CPU’sc (slot 1)
    2 x 9.1g Ultra SCSI 3 /160 hard drives
    ATI AIW 128 RAGE 32MB
    2x 256MB PC133 ram
    Antex case with window/ PSU ($170 value here new - maybe 3 months old)

thoughts? feedback ?
1- looks really good , good price

2 - id try to get $250, lil faster that one has 3 times as much ram plus a 40 gb hd

3- is a really good deal

4- not sure never bought a dual , ive seen a few and it looks like a good deal

- my friend before he went to prison , build and sold 90Mhz to 200Mhz systems for like $200 to $300. this was close to yr ago
^^^ sounds good - i figured originally same price for the first 2 because you get a 2x DVD burner - but i guess the more ram and speed would make up for that and more - and true that people here likely wont have much use for the DVD burning part.

thnx for the feedback - anyone else...

lucky friends!! people in costa rica tend to be behind on the times so a PIII i am SURE is more then enough for more.

the dual or the p 2.4 i may sell to a DJ friend who is stuck with a 1g celeron system he uses for dj'n!!!
Ya with 256 more that will run you about $50 a stick , cheap 40gb hard drive run ya $51 , and with 200Mhz faster CPU. those are prices from the states off newegg

id send you a link to my local store. see some of there prices but they changed there site and no longer have prices on it. there used desktops start at $89 thats a 100Mhz system to. im trying to think a 500Mhz system there will run ya close to $300 to $400. there insane prices there. 80mm black case fan $20. but the pertty much the only computer store here , there are a few small ones here and best buys just moved in a few months ago.

that gives you alil input , hope someone else will have some input for ya.

Take Care Mr G.
soudns good - and since this is costa rica i should eb able to get a little more.

It is too not so much i want SO much for them - i realyl do want to get them off my hands - they are cluttering up my room..lol

i am hopnig my work will buy maybe 2 of them, that would be nice, but we shall see!

sold the p4 2.4 system for $450 - one down - 3 to go and 2 more getting ready!
Sweet , thats a nice system there. 2.4Ghz is still fast. you can get by with a 1Ghz still today.

goodluck on the rest of the systems. i nkow how computer parts take up room
^^^ yeah my work mate even said "why are you selling these systems so cheap"

i was like well

1. they are used
2. u can buy these system for the prices above almost new if you look around in the states / canada
3. i just want to get rid of them cause i got no use for em!

:D Considering the 2 pIII systems i got for free and just had to add a hard drive of some ram to em :)
1 - used you dont want to put them too high , or they will be like i can get a new one for only lil more.

2 - some you can get close

3 - i sometime throw my old parts awat since i can never get rid of them

got them for free lucky , only things i got for free where a Intel 486Dx 33Mhz , Pentium MMX 166Mhz , AMD K5 117Mhz , 40mb IBM hard drive. and a few old moniters
^^^^ hehe yeah you get the free stuff and think! hey i may need this one day!

i just gave away an old celeron 300 / mobo and case and PSU to a work mate, he wanted it so off it went!

It seems as well i may have my main gmaing system sold to a guy here @ work as well! he says he has been having dreams about playing unreal tournament 2004 since he has sene me play it.

This system consists of

Asus P4P800
P4 2.4b @ 2.92
1g PC3200 (2x 512)
80g samsung
samsung DVD drive
ATI Radeon 9700PRO 128mb

Told him the price would be $1000 and he said sure! :D