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Help overclocking further on locked 1600

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Goo Kenson

Sep 17, 2002
Ok so I tried booting at 166 mhz fsb (mult 10.5) with system performance on turbo and it won't boot. I set it to optimal with the same cpu speed and it booted but blue screened after about half an hour of prime95.

What can I do? I plan on keeping the system performance on turbo.

Right now I'm at 153 mhz FSB, system performance on turbo and it's 100% stable. So should I increase vcore, vdimm, change memory settings? I don't know the first thing about memory settings, I just set it to CAS2 and the rest of the stuff on auto.
Thats definetly your ram that rebelling. Try vidmm- but that will only take you so far. In the end, you are best off unlocking that sucker- its really not that hard/dangerous.
Cpu death does not cause blue screens. this would be caused by your ram failing to run an instruction for it being set too fast or some other thing. Please do mention your memory type and cas latency. setting to cas 2 if your ram is not cas 2 compatible is your first problem. additionally, setting cas 2 on its own does not acheive much. generally, cas 2 ram can run cas 2, 2,5,2 mode, but the faster you push it, the more likely it is it will cause errors and you might have to tweak these settings. to run 153 mhz, you will likely need to readjust your timings, but you really should check if your board has a 1/5 divider. running your pci devices (38.25 at 153 fsb speed) can be dangerous. 1/5 will allow you to run your fsb high, but leave your pci bus at 33 mhz.

Im not sure if i follow you on the turbo setting. are you refering to ultra mode for datarate addressing?
It's always nice and informative to have info on what the rest of the stuff that is your box, mobo, ram, hdd, etc. in order for us to help..
I have an A7V333, 1/5 divider. I already said it runs 100% stable at 153 mhz fsb. The RAM is CAS2 compatible, I've had it running at CAS2 ever since I got it. I could have it going higher than 153 probably, but that's getting a little high in the pci frequency and all.
Also, the 1/5 divider doesn't kick in until 160 fsb. The 150's are 38/39.
Thanks funky. mine died cause i ran it at 156 for too long. i had to replace the board. but if it kicks in that low, kick ***. I wish i had a 1/6 so i could rnu ddr 400 at 1-1, but ddr 400 pretty much sucks arse right now.
Valk said:
Thanks funky. mine died cause i ran it at 156 for too long. i had to replace the board. but if it kicks in that low, kick ***. I wish i had a 1/6 so i could rnu ddr 400 at 1-1, but ddr 400 pretty much sucks arse right now.

Your mobo died from running high fsb? :eek:

Now I'm scared.
yes it did. My mobo could not talk to any display devices at all. pci, agp anything. this is the only reason i could see that happening. but there are other scenerios. msi has crappy cap placement, i MIGHT have fuggered that agp cap on my kt 4 ultra. but i think it is most likly clock damage. Since i have run the fsb at 166 and 170, i have had no problems. my last board lasted a week.
Yeah, my last ASUS mobo went out like that, no video or anything, and the worst part is it screwed up the voltage so the chip was lost as well. That wasn't from high fsb, though.

But nobody on the ASUS board has any problems with high fsb, even up to 190. Just to be safe I lowered mine to 145/36 :D
well. it was weird. i started to read a lot about kt 400 machines and tried to see if there was a problem cause i have never experienced this before.. this new board that was replaced is working flawlessly. so i guess nothing is wrong. weird.
I'd try backing off on the ram timings. My samsung DDR333 won't run 170fsb with cas2 rught now without ailing memtest86. Also, just for kicks, what sort of cpu temps do you have? What cooling?
You need to up your voltage until it's stable. Bump it up little by little. The safest voltage for an XP is 1.85v. I had to bump to 1.85 to get 166 and also bump my DDR voltage as well. Also start with the most stable memory settings you have when increasing your FSB. Once your sure it's stable then you can start getting more aggressive memory timings.

Make sure you have good cooling. Increasing voltage will increase your CPU and system temps.
Air cooling, temp 40c idle, 42 c full load :) running at 1.6 ghz

I still have a lot of modding to do, though. The cooling is relatively terrible. I still have to get rid of the fan grills, get some ROUNDED CABLES (can you believe it, I have none!) and tie all the cables down and stuff. I'll get a big temp decrease after I do all this stuff...

oh btw Swiftech MCX462+ with TT Smart Fan 2
Wow hey, I'm still creeping closer to 166 MHz FSB every day here. .. I hope I have good components: can anyone tell me why I'm not getting 166MHz FSB successfully?
  • Soltek SL-75DRV5 with latest BIOS
  • Corsair PC2700 "turbo" DDR (apparently it is a hand picked overclocker stick or something like that)
  • Athlon XP 1600 AGOIA 0213
  • WD 7200 2mb cache 80gb ata100
  • Promise Ultra66 ATA controller
  • SBLive value 5.1
  • 3com 905 ethernet
  • ATI Radeon 9000 Pro
  • Enermax 350watt whisper PS
  • DD Maze 3
  • DD Northbridge block
  • Eheim 1250
  • Heater core radiator (everything with 1/2" fittings)
  • Panaflo 120mm fan cooling it...
  • some kind of silver based CPU compound
  • distilled water coolant with ~5% water wetter type stuff
My ambient temps are about 69F ... case covers are off.

Right now, I'm running at 10.5x150MHz, Saundra's burn-in test has gone over 50 cycles, and the CPU temperature (as far as I can tell it is the on die temp) is reading between 36-40C directly afterwards. CPU is at 1.775v, and RAM/AGP is at stock voltages.

WHat should I check next? I am pretty sure I don't get a 1/5 PCI divisor until after 160MHz...? I know it is 1/5 @ 166MHz, but I can't get further than POST at that speed right now.

Any ideas?

The last time I overclocked was with my K6-2 350: I got 413MHz out of it and ran it for years with no problems at all.