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Help Overclocking i5 6600k

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New Member
Sep 6, 2016
Hello there!

So I built my first pc a few months ago and have finally decided to try and get into overclocking.

I've run into a few issues though that I'd like some help on. I've been trying to OC my 6600k to 4.4ghz, but the results seem a little unusual. I've gotten it stable at 1.385 vcore and stress tests passed (used x264 stability test from this guide http://www.overclock.net/t/1570313/skylake-overclocking-guide-with-statistics). I have not had any crashes or BSODs at these settings and temps are below 80c but I feel like I should be getting a lot higher OCs at lower vcore according to most i5 6600ks I've seen.

My setup is:

i5 6600k
212 evo
rm850w psu
msi z170a krait gaming

My BIOS settings are:

CPU ratio: 44
BCLK: 100.00
XMP: disabled
CPU core voltage: 1.385

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or help. Thank you.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
That's a ton of voltage for that clockspeed... wow. So lowering it yields instability in your stress test?


New Member
Sep 6, 2016
I just lowered my voltage to 1.35 and was able to boot but after a 10 minute aida64 test was passed (I usually stress for 15-24 hours) I launched gta5 and it crashed about a minute in.