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Help picking a video card for a 93MHz overclocked AGP port

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New Member
Jun 25, 2001
Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice about picking a video card that will be almost GUARRANTEED to work with an overclocked 93MHz AGP port. I am currently running a BX motherboard with a Pentium III with a ~140MHz FSB. I was considering one of the many Geforce 2 GTS or Pro clones that are available. Are some clones better than others for this purpose? How about the ATI Radeon? I'm planning to order online and want to minimize the chances of having to return just because it doesn't run on my overclocked AGP. I heard that Elsa cards may be good ... can anyone confirm this??

I apologize in advance if this topic was covered in a previous post, but I don't see anything out there. I'm assuming this topic is of interest to many overclockers.

i think most agp cards can handle faster speeds since the agp's speed doesn't change its actual speed since that depends on the gpu, but i have heard though that it just simply increases the data transfer rate or something, like faster working with the cpu, something like that, but don't quote me on all this, im running my leadtek geforce2 mx dh pro just fine at 75, but that is far away though from 93 hehe ;-)
but anyways, good luck with finding a good card, post your results when ya do it, im sure us computer geeks wanna know yur result ;-)
In experimenting, I've had my Leadtek geforce 2 MX Pro at 92, 93, 94 bus... even 100 briefly; there was some artifacting, not much, but I didn't keep it and fortunately got things working again at specs.
hmmm, am running my geforce2 mx tornado (see cheap) @ 133 mhz fsb and no real problems........not sure how 140 would knock it .............

pIII 550e @ 733mhz (133 fsb)
192 mb pc133 ram
soyo sy6ba+III
geforce2 mx
soundblaster live! value