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Help please! PSU goin nuts or something

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Oct 9, 2001
Cheyenne, WY
hey guys,
Ok here it is. Its long but here the story, Today I figured that I would make some rounded cables so I did. Well when I put everything back together, something went nuts and it smelt like that burned electricity smell. So Pressed power and nothing happened. it beeped and went into bios but the hard drive wouldnt spool up. So then I took all the pci cards out and unplugged everything but the hard drive. Still nothing. So a friend of mine suggested taht I blew the power supply. So he brought over his power supply and nothing happened. So I figured taht the board was messed up. I saw two little jumpers above where the power connects to the motherboard, (its an ASUS a7a266) and figured that its already messed up might as well see what that jumper does. So I put a jumper on it and then started it up, and low and behold out of sheer curiousity it spools up. Welll I figured that everything was fine, so i connected everything and started up winXP. When I would log in however the comp would restart. I tested this a couple times and found that only when I log in, so I figured that it was when winXP was initializing the sound card that it would take the power away from the hard drive and restart. So I took out the sound card and it worked. Im up and running. But wondering what the heck is going on. Is this a prob in my PSU or my motherboard power management? Please Help