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Help, please with this Vid. Card problem

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Senior Lawyer-clocker
Sep 20, 2001
Here is my problem. It is not new, I have experienced it, or problems similar to it in nature on different computers. For purposes of the discussion here, I will give the specifics of the system in question.

I have an ECS K7S5A with a cheap SiS 6326 8MB AGP vid card, using Win98SE. I leave it idle for a few hours, and the monitor is dark, like I would expect. I hit a key or move the mouse, and although the monitor comes back on, the mouse is frozen. The screen looks wierd also, kind of scewed to one side. What is causing this? The only remedy is to reboot.

I would note that I have had this problem with other computers as well, with varying degrees of severity. On some, the mouse will appear frozen, but actually only the pointer is frozen, you can move it (while it is invisible) and right click to see that it has in fact moved. Other times, the comp might be completely frozen...

This has happened with a similar SiS 6326 PCI card, as well as with a Radeon. Maybe even others...

Help is appreciated, in any form.



Jul 17, 2001
Denver, Colorado
I've had problems like this as well on a few systems. The only thing I could ever figure out is that it is related to power management- the system just doesn't like to "wake up".

Try fiddling with the 'turn off XXX after 10 minutes' part of the power management- on one of my systems, setting the hard drive to 'always on' did the trick.

If all else fails, try disabling ACPI- couldn't hurt!:D


Sep 23, 2001
I had a similar issure with a Geforce2ti in my computer. The card worked fine in games and Windows, but on waking up from sleep the sceeen would be messed up with funky colors and computer totally frozen. I chucked it up to my mobo being non-agp2.0 compliant. Pretty weird considering the card would work just fine in games when I thought it used the most electrcity. If it wasn't getting enough juice, I should have had problems playing games but I didn't. Maybe there's a big upsurge in power consumption on waking up?