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help please

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New Member
Apr 19, 2001
I have just got the following equipment, I wish to overclock it later once I am happy it is stable and I have a better cooler.

AMD 1.2 T-Bird 266
GA-7ZXR v 2.2
2 x 512Mb 133
30 Gig IBM 100 ATA HD

I also had a A-Bit KA-7 with a 800 Athlon
20 Gig IBM 66 ATA HD
3D Prophet 2 GTS 64Mb
Yamaha CDR
Aelta x50 CD
Internal Zip Drive

I want to combine all the Hardware on to the GA-7ZXR and get the best setup I can, I would like as much advise as you can offer on the Motherboard setup (never used a raid system before) and the best setup for the hardware.
It looks like you have a nice assortment of equipment there. I know for a RAID setup it is best to have exactly the same HD's. You should pick up another IBM 30gig ATA 100 drive and use the 20gig as a backup. What type of HSF do you have now? I recomened a Swiftech 462A for that Bird. I am a little biased though as I have one and love it. As far as the Mobo setup, I am not familiar with that board hopefully someone else can help. Looks like you have some solid equipment to start with...which Yamaha drive is that?