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Help PLease !!!!

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Feb 5, 2001
FLorence AL
Hi Folks, I have a new Amptron K7VZA Mother board with a T Bird 900 CPU , I am trying to do a software instalation for Win 2000. I have tried to do a win 95 install and everytime I get "Unable to decompress setup CAB file !!!! I had a operating system before on the harddrive and I supposed it was the source of my problems. I formatted the hardrive so I would have a clean drive for the install. I had the same problems before with my last motherboard and I sent it back because I thought I had a bad MB , now I dunno. There are software IDE drivers that came with the MB , do I have to install these to a formatted C: drive before I can install windows ???? Please help someone !!!!!!
Dwight P
We need some more info about your system to give you the best and more acurate help.

Is the system overclocked? If it is drop the speed down to factory built spec and try again.

Try also to get hold of some diagnostics software such as PC Check boot disk, this will check all hardware, could have a faulty drive or memory, etc.

Give us some more info and we will see what else we can come up with :)

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the fast responce!
There is no overclocking at all, the motherboard counts the memory up fine, it auto detects the harddrives fine. the components(memory, harddrives,video card etc all came from my previous PII 266 computer which has worked fine for me for the past 3 years...I have tried to install WIn 95, 98, 2000 using bood disks made from the cd..I constantly get unable to decompress cab file or simply setup cannot continue ?? Madening I had this problem with the first Amptron motherboard and contacted the vendor and they sent me another one they said was good ????? I am my wits end. If you guys can give me any help I really apprecieat it!!!

Dwight P
Well the only thing i can suggest is that you get hold of another hard drive and CD-rom drive and CD and try again.

Either that or copy the entre contents of the win9x directory.

To do this simply format the system format c: /q/s/u, then go to c:, type MD WINDOWS, then CD WINDOWS, then MD CABS, then CD CABS, then type copy d:\win95\*.*

Re-boot the system without using any disks and you will only get the command prompt. go to CD WINDOWS\CABS, then type XMSMMGR and press ENTER, then run SETUP. When it asks you for the destination it will say C:\WINDOWS.000, change that and delete everything after the S so you have C:\WINDOWS, click next, it will display a message saying that all files will be over written, click YES (or OK i can't remember), this will not overwrite the CABS directory.

See how this pans out. Let me know if you still get the problem.

Hope this helps.