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Help please

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Dec 21, 2001
Ok guys,I need some help,I want a MOBO that overclocks,I want performace performance performance,and stability,I dont want all the added features,I just want raw power,something that I wont need a volt mod for,I want it already in there,I want something to go with my Kingmax 2700.
I want BIG numbers and stable,now which one would it be,
I have a MSI KT3 and dont get me wrong,I like it,but I want performance,I want two top computers for SETI and games,I want the best:D
Thanks guys:p
If your on a budget... go with the 8kha+... I should be getting the ddr and have mine up and running tomorrow....

If you want the best... I'd say something like... the 8k3a+ (I think thats it)... uses the 333 chipset and allows you to run the processor on a 133 FSB and the ram at 166 (333 ddr).
And that is the one I am going to get,I think it has the voltage up to 2.
No sorry to say it's voltage is 1.85 max,however i believe the soyo dragon has votage up to 2 but i could be wrong on that.I know the epox is only 1.85 cause i have one.