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help plz friends (urgent)

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Feb 26, 2002
i very bad in this moment , i buy new cpu cooler for my xp2000
and my board Epox 8k3a+
i very frustracion
my buy is ThermalRight AX-7 w/ Delta 80 Model FFB0812EHE, 80 CFM.
because ppl say this fan is the better in the world
but is to noisy , the noise it makes is like an airplane
im looking for another fan that operate at a low noise level but
with a good air volume but without noise

i need finish my pc this weekend

thanks my friends

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Inactive Doc Logic Philosophical Mod
Sep 9, 2001
Pocatello, ID
Yup, that would be one helluva noisy fan. To start with I'd do a 7 volt mod on it. That should get you decent airflow and be *much* quieter. It may still be too noisy for your taste, but at the very least it should be tolerable while you look for another.

I believe that fan plugs in to the 4 wire molex connector coming out of your power supply. All you have to do is connect the black wire from the fan to the red wire of the molex. My prefferred method of doing this is to change the order of the wires on the molex coming from the PSU. The wires are held in the platic by little barbs on the metal ends. Just get a paper clip or need and push those barbs in. WIth a little figeting the wires will come out of the plastic and you can rearrange them. You want the black wire from the fan to connect to the red wire from the power supply. You can leave the other wires as they are. I generally leave one of the black wires hanging loose to remind me that I've modded the connector.



Feb 9, 2002
or you could get a rhostat ... I recomend getting one from hoot. You can pm him or you can lookup his ad in the classified cooling parts section of the forum. A rhoestat will allow you to run the fan at any voltage you want by turning a knob. Hoot has the highest quality rheostats around.


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Aug 8, 2001
Sunshine State, USA
He doesnt have enough posts to view the classifieds.

Just PM Hoot (Hoots a heluva nice guy, he will even tell you how to wire it if you ask him nicely)

Dont tell him I sent you or he will charge you double :)


Mar 19, 2002
Chicago, Il
that is debateable. Personally I don't think it's good electronics, I run mine down at 5v, or run 2 fans in series.


BandSaw King
Feb 11, 2002
U.P. Michigan
If you want to purchase another fan then Thermaltake makes an adjustable 80mm fan with a max rpm of 5000. It comes with a cool looking grill cover and you can bypass the thermal diode because it is not loud when running 5000rpm all the time. Delta makes fans with adjustable dial attached to the fan but I don't know how noisy they are.