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Help Plz. High temps w/Globalwin hsf ,Watercooling kit doesn't work well is almost like my hsf..

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Mar 24, 2001
Staten Island , New York
Help Plz. High temps w/Globalwin hsf ,Watercooling kit doesn't work well is almost like my hsf..

I currently have a Global Win WBK-38 hsf w/delta 6800 rpm fan 37cfm and my temps are 47c @ idle for cpu, from 1.4 @ 1.53Ghz .My motherboard temp is 24c.I have the AquaStealth 2 Watercooling kit with the biggest radiator beCooling sells and a rio 180 water pump ,copper ,jagged edge waterblock. I know from experiance with this watercooling kit when I had my 1.2Ghz Athlon @ 1.575Ghz my comp temps where about 3-4 c lower then my global win hsf.Is there a mod I can use to make my watercooling kit work alot better so I can get my 1.4 @ 1.7 = ) or higher I currently have the AYHJA-K stepping.I can't seem to get all the air out of my watercooling system either its pretty hard. I have a radioshack 4700 rpm 120mm fan on the radiator also.If there is also any air cooling mods I can do thats cheap please reply with that too.Theres a huge 12inch fan on the side of my case blowing air in my case to keep temps on mobo and cpu as they are now.Thanks for the help.
You should use evaporative cooling to cool your water. Remember the articles on the "water bong", it's cheap and VERY effective! It can and quite often does cool your water below room temp. It KICKS THE CRAP out of any rad, copper or whatnot. Give it a try!
check the water cooling section on the front page. you don't buy this somewhere you make it!
Hehe I found it William I just gota ask my dad to help me make it hes the expert and doing this stuff ;) im only a 15yr old kid lol who don't have experiance with that kinda stuff.Thanks thoe for the reply.
Hey not to get off the subject but.... Im having a problem with my internet I have RR cable and every so often like after an hr or so or what ever all of a sudden ill be surfing the web and I can't acess any website or anything my connection like goes out or something... If i reboot then I can acess the net again. Does any one know what this could be ? Maybe I gota reply me ethernet adapter. My other computer is using same connection and it has no probs.