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help plz

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Feb 26, 2002
i have radeon 8500 retail 275/275
how i can overclock ??
what program i can use??
and what is max for overclock
need special fan or ram sinks???


Moderator/ Silver Paste Taster©
Aug 8, 2001
Sunshine State, USA
I use Powerstrip

You raise the core and memory 5mhz or so at a time and run 3dmark2001 and look for artifacts or lockups... If you get artifacts, back down the core or memory until you find a stable speed.

There is no way anyone can tell you how well your card will overclock, some people can get over 300/300 while others that have retail cards cant go over 285/285ish even with better GPU coolers and ramsinks.


Ps the ATI heatsink is a piece of garbage and I recommend using a Crystal orb affixed with Arctic Alumina Adhesive. Ramsinks may or may not help you, I suggest while your running 3dmark2001 place your finger on a memory wafer and see if its hot to the touch, if it is Ramsinks may be a wise investment and may help you get a few more mhz.....