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My bad, that was a Typo.
Its: 15-16-16-34 and a couple secondary timings as well.
Yeah no matter what i do, it wont hit 14 on Cas Latency:/
When Cyber Monday Comes, I'm Gonna Upgrade to 64GB of G Skill - Trident Royal RAM
That stuff seems to be like Cream of The Crop 🔥
If you need the capacity, that's a great idea... not so good for speed. Again, the more you have, the less it will be able to overclock. ;)
Interesting 🤔
Maybe I Should just use 8GB x 4 and Stay at 32GB Total Then.
I need atleast 32, as my PCs Boggs hard while I stream because I stream to 10 different pages at 8000Bitrate 1080⁶⁰
More sticks and/or more quantity = additional stress on the IMC, period. :)

I need atleast 32, as my PCs Boggs hard while I stream because I stream to 10 different pages at 8000Bitrate 1080⁶⁰
Are you sure this is a RAM issue? Streaming video to 10 unique outputs sounds like a network bandwidth constraint to me. Don't act on hunches... find out for sure. ;)
Now I see. So when it comes to streaming it depends a lot more on your upload speed. Run speedtest check sometimes upload gets chopped. When you know it's 100% not your internet.

Then you can try and push your settings to the last kpbs. Then again if it's getting boggy most likely the speed is fluctuating especially if it's on a shared connection. You LL want to make sure that your bitrate for streaming leaves a 30-45% buffer and in a way it is your ram but not how you're thinking. It's not the timings that are actually causing that latency. It's how much your memory ends up having to put on reserve. So example would be broadcasting a 720p reso at 35fps at around 4160kbps/4.16Mbps bitrate. With the buffer you would need like 5.6-6.1mbps so you're not hitting the isp's threshold which then sends interruptions based on your PCs Ethernet buffer. And anything from 1080p to qhd,2k,4k or even more you would need 8-9mbls per stream upload unless you are running a from the isp a full parralel based switch board which has enough to pull what you need. And fall within the buffer of the isp and it's modem. Sometimes the problem is the actual router not having enough ram. Need to remember some routers especially non fiber can usually have a 8gb. And if it's your side it may be because of how a lot of the svchosrs are truncated at lower volumes than before.

Also leave a buffer for you. Like if it's only for uploading the stream it's fine but if it's also your PC connecting to the game you play and stream your PC is then lagging because it can't keep up with the buffer. So it's like discord freezes but you don't disconnect it's trying to buffer then stream and 16gb is surely way low. Could even be on the platform size. I only know this because I recently had to rerun a streamers entire network her side was fine. But when I asked the isp to push a test push. There was almost a 200ms delay from it leaving the oc to the rmodem. And they receiving it in smaller increments. It took me like 2 weeks to figure it out. And remember the fastest timings isn't always better for uploading because youre lessening a buffer. Sometimes looser timings are better. Hope you figure it out tho. Good luck. Oh end if you really must multi stream look into cloud based solutions going to a cloud based service would take the stress from. Your hardware and your bandwidth.
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i have 4x8gb 4000 cl18-22-22-42.. i have them running at 3733 cl 16-19-19-38 at 1.35v on asus dark hero x570 with 5950x . no complaints what so ever. it can run 3466 cl 14-17-17-38 but hangs after playing some games.


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