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HELP!!! problems installing the VOS32 cooler

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Dec 21, 2000

I'm installing the VOS32 cooler on a PIII800EB.

Removing the stock fan was very easy, the heatsink was a real nightmare, we tried a lot of "techniques" but finally the "case screw and brute force" method worked fine.

The problem now is : The temp is very high !!! 80C - 90C running the [email protected]. The temp was fine with the intel cooler.

What can be wrong ?

After checking all the installation, the only clue is the contact between the CPU and the new heatsink. Both fans are working fine, all is Ok. excep the temp. !!!

The CPU has a small area in the center with a white thin film of something, how I clean that to have a better contact ? this area is 2 or 3 mm. high, is that normal ? is it safe to clean or touch that area ? how much force is recommended to apply to the heatsink to ensure good contact ?

How much thermal grease is needed ? (I'm using the grease that came with the VOS32)

Any sugestions ?

As you can see, I'm lost, any help will be welcome.

Thank you.
Bin the white film (frag tape or thermal goop left over from old 'Sink.

Clean with Alcohol or acetone (nail Varnish remover) both the top of the CPU slug and the Contact area of the 'Sink (Ensure you get rid of any static by wearing a wristband or by touching something that's earthed in your house before you touch the CPU)

Place a thin amount of thermal goop onto either the slug or the 'Sink Wear surgical gloves (if you can find them- as grease is not a good conductor of heat) or a credit card (wiped with alcohol/acetone) to spread it. The advantage of silicon goop, is it will squeeze out of the way (Unlike Silver) when you put enough force on it.